Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bad Patient! Bad Hospital Stay!

I am going to rant and rave about my recent Hospital stay, Cuz it wasn't fun!

I know I am a bad patient, but I just don't care!

Hospital cartoon-Bad patient,Doctors consulting I was just released from the hospital a couple of days ago, and I am not a happy camper.
Last Wednesday was a good was to be the start of my vacation.
I left work, and on the ride home

I got this crushing feeling in my chest.....
I kept driving, mostly because I was in denial, and I thought, "this can't be happening!" The pressure in my chest started to get worse, and I found myself weighing the options.......should I keep driving and get home? Should I pull over?
I started to feel a little instead of pulling over....I decided to back off (way off) the car in front of me and open the windows. (logic, huh?)
I knew this wasn't right, but I was mad, that this was happening when I was supposed to be starting vacation!
Needless to say, I made it home, but the pain had now wrapped around to my back. I knew this wasn't good, and knew I had to call 911.
I seriously contemplated driving myself, but my inner voice told me that "NO" I should call 911.
Well, then I started thinking about how I hadn't shaved my legs or pits, and I started stressing over that, and wondering if I had time...... Nope, I called 911.
They came really fast! Then there was the usual confusion....because the fire paramedics showed up first, then the police, then the ambulance. It was like a fairgrounds outside my house all lit up and flashing!
I think I gave my name a million times and my date of birth, it seemed everyone new needed to know the same info. (I guess they never thought of sharing).
After I had called 911, I had tried to call my daughter, and I got the message that her mailbox was full, and to try my call again later...huh? Not good. So I called her SO across the street, and he came running over just as the cavalry arrived.
I could hear my grandson yelling from across the street....awwww, he wanted to make sure I was okay, so he came over too. Anyway, I was loaded on a gurney and shoved (I mean shoved, not nicely) into the waiting ambulance. I gave a wave and blew a kiss to my grandson and the doors shut. A million more questions ensued, and then they started with the needles.......


They gave me aspirin and nitro and we were off.....
By the time we arrived at the hospital, the pain had pretty much subsided. There were a million more questions, I had to give my name and date of birth at least 3 times more (would they be lost if I was unconcious? They don't seem to know how to communicate), and many more tests, EKG,chest X-ray, etc. And, I did alot of waiting around. The pain was gone now, and I was just aggrivated at having to lay there. I wanted to go home and start my vacation. But nooooo........ I was told that I had to be admitted. They couldn't take the chance that I didn't have an "incident" and that something wouldn't happen at midnight or 3 am.

Now, I know I am a bad patient, always have been, always will be.....but I didn't want to be admitted! Especially when my pain was gone. My daughter came into the emergency room and agreed with the doctor (traitor!) that to be safe I should stay overnight.
I guess I had no choice, and thought okay, so I'll start my vacation tomorrow morning. Well, they brought me up to my room, and told me to get some rest.......................

Cartoon Nasty Nurse that won't let you restThe above cartoon "Exactly" describes what my night was like.
They were in constantly, all night long, taking my blood pressure/pulse, and drawing more blood for tests! They even felt they had to do an EKG at 3:30 am! WTF ??? Was that really necessary?
I think they sit downstairs and because they have to work the night shift, they think up evil ways to take it out on, ohhhhh that patient in room 231 is new, let's do weird shit to her all night long, hahaha!

Cartoon of Nurses practicing with needlesThis is what it felt like too....sometimes they found the vein....sometimes, no.
And do they not realize that snapping that tube on and off hurts? It moves the friggin' needle inside your vein! They just go about it like they were hammering nails.

So anyway, at 6:30 the next morning, the nurse comes in to give me my meds (they say I need an aspirin to thin my blood) and it isn't coated, so she says she will go get a coated one and be right back.....I don't see her again. I ask one of the blood pressure takers to check on the aspirin at 7:15 and she assures me she will. My real Doctor comes in to see me at 7:45 and he's all concerned and wants me to see a Cardiologist. I tell him I just want to go home. I'll make an appointment with the Cardiac guy, just discharge me.....he says "NO!"
He won't discharge me until I see the Cardiac guy. I'm kinda mad, but I will see the guy today and then be on my way.......a little heads up......the Cardiac guy never shows up!

I ask the next blood taker girl to check on my meds (I still haven't got them!) and off she goes. Okay, here is the defiant part..... I am fed up and angry that I have to be there, especially when I have no pain and haven't since the day before.....and have sat here reading a book and watching TV ( a flat screen which my grandson thinks is the coolest thing!) last night and today. I pulled one of the leads off my heart monitor thing about 11 am (I was told they monitor that at the nurses station) to see how long it would take them to notice and then maybe I could get my meds that they said I needed!
Lunchtime came and went with the Dietary girl upset that I didn't eat enough.....(try giving us edible food!) and I did more watching TV. At 3:30 (just after shift change) my new nurse Laurel came down to check on me because she said one of my leads was off.....I didn't tell her I did it on purpose......and she was nice. She got my meds! She also got me a cup of tea. I liked Laurel. I found out that between 6:30 and her shift there was another shift change in nursing, the 7:00 am nurse (who I never saw) and the one who originally came at 6:30!!

More tests, more needles, and no Cardiologist all day. I have to spend another night in the hospital? Yup! I feel like a friggin' prisoner!
My family comes to visit in the evening, and they think I should rest...take it easy....calm down.......
If they only knew what it was like. Why should I stay if I didn't have an "incident" and I don't have pain? It's for my own good I'm told.

I stay the night, but in the morning, I tell my Doctor that I am going to check out AMA (against medical advice) if the Cardiologist doesn't come in. There is no reason for me to be here missing my vacation! He is less than thrilled with me, and gives me a look.....but, I don't care, I'm a bad patient I know it, and he can give me the eyes and I just don't care!

So, the Cardiologist comes in about 11:30 am and tells me he "thinks" it might be angina, but he won't know without other tests. He also heard that I wanted to check out, and wants to know my I give it to him too! He said that if it wasn't the holiday weekend coming up, he would insist I stay, but if I agree to go to his office on Thursday for a stress test he would discharge me.....yipeee! I agree!
But he also says that everything I had planned for vacation, is a "NO-GO", meaning it's not going to happen. All the things I had planned, will have to wait until after my tests, no lifting things, no moving boxes, no gardening! I have to "REST" for the next few days until I see him. Boring...........
So now I am home, and have gotten back to my blog, which I really missed and we will see how things turn out on Thursday!

I have to say though, that I am scared and nervous that something is going to happen again.......

Cartoon of sick patient

I am now known as a "non-compliant" patient.......LOL

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Friday, August 29, 2008

The Top 10 Most Outrageous Product Names!

I'm just going to list them...
And you can figure them out....

Beer called Bierbitzch

Peach drink called Coolpis
Green drink called Fart
package of shitz mix
Homo soap
Toilet paper called My Fanny
snack called Bum bum banana
candy bar called Big Nuts
package of rolls called jussipussi

soup mix for cock soup Kind of loses something in the translation, huh?


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Funniest Baby Laughing Video!

We all need to Laugh............

And whenever I need a laugh, I click on this..............
I have it saved in my gets me every time!

I can't help but laugh whenever I watch is just the cutest thing!

I miss a baby laughing around the house, maybe it is because my daughter is older, but this makes me miss the days when she was this little. Oh, don't get me wrong, she did plenty to make me smile and laugh, but I don't remember her ever giggling quite this much and for this long over something so trivial as paper!

It's almost like when you have a moment like have to capture it, and savor it, because you never know if your ever going to get it back again. I can appreciate and even thank the Dad who taped this, because this has made me smile and laugh on more occassions than I care to admit. And I'm sure it's done the same for him. To capture something so pure and innocent and then to share it with the

I wish I had my little baby back, and that she could find such joy in paper, and that I could witness it first hand....but instead, I will continue to smile and laugh for this baby.

Did you smile?

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Here We Go Again~ E Coli in the Water!

Maybe cute here.....but bacteria makes us sick!cute bacteria bugs
Like a déjà-vu nightmare, We are once again under an August boil-water order after our town’s water supply somehow became contaminated .?.

Somehow our water supply is contaminted again!

Water system samples that were taken Saturday tested Negative for Total Coliform and E-coli bacteria. Sampling will continue until all samples test negative for three consecutive days.
Last week the water department announced that samples taken from a testing site indicated the presence of E-coli bacteria on Aug. 18. Repeat tests at the same location on Aug. 20 indicated the presence of Total Coliform bacteria, but did not indicate E-coli.
The water department said that Total Coliform bacteria are from the same family as the bacteria which contaminated our water in August last year.

Can you believe it??? Almost the same time of year to the day as last year!

You'd have thought they would have done everything they could to prevent this from happening again, and so soon~!

We have actually had this happen more than twice.......

Here is a quote from a local businessman, who is not happy......

"I’m absolutely livid," said Dino Pimental, the owner of five Duncan Donuts in the area affected by the recent crisis. "It’s unacceptable. This is the third time (our water has been contaminated) within the last five years. I would have expected the water department to be pro-active." According to Pimental, last August’s water contamination cost him $147,000 in lost sales. Like last year, Pimental will not be able to serve water-based beverages for the duration of the boil water order. The boil water order from the DEP requires water be boiled at a temperature of 212 degrees for five minutes. During the brewing process, Dunkin Donuts coffee reaches a temperature of 200 degrees."This might have been prevented if the town was more pro-active. Supposedly we’ve got this great water system. It isn’t great when we’ve got this contamination over and over again," Pimental said.

The Department of Environmental Protection (yeah right! where's our protection?) issued its "boil water" order on Friday, which remains in effect till further notice.

Water department crews began introducing chlorine to disinfect the water system Thursday afternoon immediately upon notification of the problem. The chlorination will likely continue for 30 days after the boil water order is lifted by the DEP. Normally the water here is not chlorinated.

Meanwhile it’s same ol', same ol' at the Water and Fire District building as thousands of residents will turn up to receive two free gallons of bottled water per day.

Last year we were told not to take showers or baths, only to "wash-up" in water that had been boiled first. All the stores were out of bottled water, and the Water Department and Fire Department didn't have enough to go around..... Here we go again, fighting for water, or driving for miles to find a store that has water.

Imagine brushing your teeth without running water, not being able to wash the dishes, except in a dishwasher, boiling water to wash your hair, but only using a little bit and pouring it over with a cup, cuz you can't waste the boiled water! And if you find any bottled water, or if you pre-boil, making enough room in the fridge?

Let me tell ya, it's hard, it was hard last year, and it will be hard this year!

C'mon already.....fix the water problem! That's what I pay taxes for!

gloved hands and ecoli in dish Testing, testing, ... 1, 2, 3

bacteria in dishE-coli bacteria in water can make humans sick. This is especially true for infants, children and persons with weakened immune systems. The water may be contaminated with human or animal wastes. Microbes in the water can possibly cause diarrhea, cramps, nausea, headaches or other symptoms.


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Link List

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  • WebCam Central --"Live" pictures from Web Cameras located all over the world with frequently updating images -- some every 30 seconds! Check out Moscow & Kremlin Kam. See TeleCam under "Past Winners" for Panarama views of Cape Cod. - Panama Canal Locks Cam - Roman archaeological site + NASA Live picture feeds. Great Site for many areas of interest! -www
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Blogging is Addicting, but fun!

fingers typing on a keyboard

Here I sit, again, typing away....this is my new life.

I have chosen to blog, and blog I will.

I have to say that I have never been more inspired by anything before, like I have in reading the blogs that I have read! There must be millions of them out there........and I have only found a few.

But, I will keep going, in search of more goodness, lots more laughs, and a whole lot of inspiration as to why we do this.

I do not do my blog for, this is personal~!

And I seriously can't believe how addicting it has become!

If anyone had told me that I would sit at this computer for hours at a time, I would have told them they were looney!

But here I sit, again, and I have a smile on my face because although it is addicting.......

nobody's getting hurt! Well, not by me anyway, LOL.

I sat here the other day for 14 hours (14 HOURS!) writing and trying to add all the elements to my page. Boy did I have some doozies! I already took alot of them off. But I wanted my blog to have all the bells and whistles, so when Google said "add this" then dammit' I added it! When Yahoo said "try this" Whoo hooo~ I had to have that one too! If you had seen my page a week ago, you would have been shocked! I hope I have trimmed correctly.

As for my new life......

I love it! I love to write and share, and I love to make new friends.

I have to admit that some things are getting neglected.....and if you blog, you know what I mean. But it's all good. It will all get done in time. Just not in "quick-time".

I hope you enjoy my blog, and come back often. And I look forward to being inspired daily by all the great bloggers out there, Kuddos to you!

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Friday, August 22, 2008

The Cutest Dogs and Kid Look-A-Likes

Whoever the photographer was.....
he or she sure did an excellant job of matching up these Dogs and Kids~!
I couldn't help smiling as I looked at these.

cute dog and girl OMG! So alike it's wonderful! Cute, too!

Asian boy and dog A boy and his dog.....both mouths open and expressive.

red haired girl and irish setterThis one cracks me up every time! What a match!

cute dog and girl Gold is a beautiful color, for both of them!

dirty boy and scruffy dog Kinda reminds me of pigpen, from Charlie Brown.

boy with black eye and dog Yeah, but one spot will go away.....

cutest baby and wrinkly dog
Who doesn't love a wrinkly friend?

Now, didn't you smile for at least one of these??
Tell your friends, they have to come take a look, too!


That Poor Baby Whale!!!

Australia Baby Humpback WhaleThanks to the AFP for this photo...

I am sitting here at my computer, in shock and disbelief that authorities had to euthanize that poor baby whale that was abandoned by it's mother off the waters of Sydney Harbor, Australia. The baby humpback whale was first spotted last Sunday and was believed to be about two to three weeks old, and was probably abandoned because it was ill, so they say.

The humpback whales make an annual round trip from the Antarctic to tropical waters to breed and are on the return leg of that trip. They can often be seen quite close to Sydney's beaches, so it doesn't seem unusual to see whales there.

But.....I don't understand that with all the modern technology we have, that we couldn't feed this baby whale some way? Maybe intravenously, or through injections? I mean, come on...... do we really not know of any way to keep it alive?

The news is also reporting that the baby whale, that was named "Colin" by all of Australia, had shark bites on it!! Geesh! They've been tracking and watching it since Sunday, and we can't protect it either?

The baby whale had been trying, unsuccessfully to suckle from boats, I guess because from underneath, they could look like it's mother?

Authorities tried to lure it out to sea, hoping that it would get back into the pack, and be adopted by a lactating female humpback whale, but the little one kept swimming back to the boats.

On Thursday, authorities including, veterinarians and marine researchers who examined the baby whale said that its condition was getting worse, it had not eaten for a week, and that euthanizing it was the most humane option.

The deputy director-general of the New South Wales Department of Environment and Climate Change, Sally Barnes, said the whale would be given a sedative to relax it and then a lethal dose of anesthetic.
She said "Everyone is very connected to this animal, and it's a very emotional decision," sort of like a family pet who had been adopted by many in Sydney over the past week.

She said that officials had sought national and international advice on how to help the lost whale but that its condition had become too poor to treat.

Some people, but mostly the Australians have accused wildlife officials of not doing enough to help the whale and not trying to feed it.

Ya Think?

And here is the sad news that I read, before I started this post.....

The whale was first given a sedative, then a lethal dose of anaesthetic, which took 10 minutes.

10 minutes!!!! I am furious, angry, upset..... I still can't believe it!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Top 10 Cutest Pets in Costume!

Halloween or not, these are Great!

Now, I know some of you will think this is mean and cruel to dress up animals in costumes,

but, I think it's pretty funny!

And Judging by the expression on some of these pets, they do too!

Lighten up, get a sense of humor and just enjoy!

All of these images were taken from a royalty free site, Thank you to the original photographers, you did a great job!

funny dog dressed as vampire Look at this ferocious vampire! His prey below is quivering from fright!

cute dogs dressed as ghostsYou have to love a "family" that goes trick or treating together!

funny dog dressed as a sailorAhoy Matey! He's very proud of himself!

miserable lloking dog dressed as supermanSuper Dog! (Okay, so he looks miserable, but the costume is fierce!)

cutest dog dressed as a priateArrrrgggghhhhh! He uses fur, instead of the traditional patch on his eye!

group of dogs dressed in banana costumes

You have to love the "Quad" banana thing going on.......

Siamese witch catThe eyes say it all for this one....don't mess with witchey poo!

Big dog dressed as pink ballerinaOkay, okay, "HE" doesn't look happy at all....but I love it!

dog dressed in a  hoodie He RULES! I'm kinda waiting for his "buds" to show up.

pug dog in alligator costumeThis one must be hysterical to watch walk around!

And now for a final Bonus shot!

This one is quite content to pose for your enjoyment!


beautiful cat dressed in pink princess costume Thanks for looking at this cute collection of Pets in Costume~!


TOP 10 TearJerker Movies~!


My friends and I were having a discussion about the movies that made or make us cry (no matter how many times we have seen them) and this is the list we have come up with.

Get Ready......Grab the Kleenex......
And if you haven't seen these movies....go out and rent them for a good cry!

Crying Woman

  1. The Notebook

  2. Terms of Endearment

  3. Million Dollar Baby

  4. Pay it Forward

  5. E.T.

  6. Life is Beautiful

  7. Bambi

  8. The English Patient

  9. My Girl (the first one)

  10. Steel Magnolias

    Box of Kleenex

    Here are the Kleenex to get you started! If you watch these movies, You're gonna need them!

A big shout out to Ellen who helped me with this list!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thank you

Thank you for your comments or suggestions!

I appreciate it!



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