Sunday, August 24, 2008

Blogging is Addicting, but fun!

fingers typing on a keyboard

Here I sit, again, typing away....this is my new life.

I have chosen to blog, and blog I will.

I have to say that I have never been more inspired by anything before, like I have in reading the blogs that I have read! There must be millions of them out there........and I have only found a few.

But, I will keep going, in search of more goodness, lots more laughs, and a whole lot of inspiration as to why we do this.

I do not do my blog for, this is personal~!

And I seriously can't believe how addicting it has become!

If anyone had told me that I would sit at this computer for hours at a time, I would have told them they were looney!

But here I sit, again, and I have a smile on my face because although it is addicting.......

nobody's getting hurt! Well, not by me anyway, LOL.

I sat here the other day for 14 hours (14 HOURS!) writing and trying to add all the elements to my page. Boy did I have some doozies! I already took alot of them off. But I wanted my blog to have all the bells and whistles, so when Google said "add this" then dammit' I added it! When Yahoo said "try this" Whoo hooo~ I had to have that one too! If you had seen my page a week ago, you would have been shocked! I hope I have trimmed correctly.

As for my new life......

I love it! I love to write and share, and I love to make new friends.

I have to admit that some things are getting neglected.....and if you blog, you know what I mean. But it's all good. It will all get done in time. Just not in "quick-time".

I hope you enjoy my blog, and come back often. And I look forward to being inspired daily by all the great bloggers out there, Kuddos to you!

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mantiz August 24, 2008 at 4:33 PM  

i can relate to this so much! there was a time when i used to miss sleep just for blogging and reading blogs.. and i still do! this darn thing can be real addictive! who knew? lol.
btw don't miss sleep too much, you'll soon have bags under your eyes like me haha. now i'm the y in ugly :D

Claire August 25, 2008 at 6:38 PM  

Hello, I have hopped over my blog catalog :)

I am coming up to my two year blogging mark in October and the addiction has not wore off at all.

Hopefully you will continue to have fun with it, because if it aint fun then why bother :)

KAT August 25, 2008 at 8:01 PM  

Thanks to both of you....
I am having fact, too much fun!

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