Monday, August 25, 2008

Here We Go Again~ E Coli in the Water!

Maybe cute here.....but bacteria makes us sick!cute bacteria bugs
Like a déjà-vu nightmare, We are once again under an August boil-water order after our town’s water supply somehow became contaminated .?.

Somehow our water supply is contaminted again!

Water system samples that were taken Saturday tested Negative for Total Coliform and E-coli bacteria. Sampling will continue until all samples test negative for three consecutive days.
Last week the water department announced that samples taken from a testing site indicated the presence of E-coli bacteria on Aug. 18. Repeat tests at the same location on Aug. 20 indicated the presence of Total Coliform bacteria, but did not indicate E-coli.
The water department said that Total Coliform bacteria are from the same family as the bacteria which contaminated our water in August last year.

Can you believe it??? Almost the same time of year to the day as last year!

You'd have thought they would have done everything they could to prevent this from happening again, and so soon~!

We have actually had this happen more than twice.......

Here is a quote from a local businessman, who is not happy......

"I’m absolutely livid," said Dino Pimental, the owner of five Duncan Donuts in the area affected by the recent crisis. "It’s unacceptable. This is the third time (our water has been contaminated) within the last five years. I would have expected the water department to be pro-active." According to Pimental, last August’s water contamination cost him $147,000 in lost sales. Like last year, Pimental will not be able to serve water-based beverages for the duration of the boil water order. The boil water order from the DEP requires water be boiled at a temperature of 212 degrees for five minutes. During the brewing process, Dunkin Donuts coffee reaches a temperature of 200 degrees."This might have been prevented if the town was more pro-active. Supposedly we’ve got this great water system. It isn’t great when we’ve got this contamination over and over again," Pimental said.

The Department of Environmental Protection (yeah right! where's our protection?) issued its "boil water" order on Friday, which remains in effect till further notice.

Water department crews began introducing chlorine to disinfect the water system Thursday afternoon immediately upon notification of the problem. The chlorination will likely continue for 30 days after the boil water order is lifted by the DEP. Normally the water here is not chlorinated.

Meanwhile it’s same ol', same ol' at the Water and Fire District building as thousands of residents will turn up to receive two free gallons of bottled water per day.

Last year we were told not to take showers or baths, only to "wash-up" in water that had been boiled first. All the stores were out of bottled water, and the Water Department and Fire Department didn't have enough to go around..... Here we go again, fighting for water, or driving for miles to find a store that has water.

Imagine brushing your teeth without running water, not being able to wash the dishes, except in a dishwasher, boiling water to wash your hair, but only using a little bit and pouring it over with a cup, cuz you can't waste the boiled water! And if you find any bottled water, or if you pre-boil, making enough room in the fridge?

Let me tell ya, it's hard, it was hard last year, and it will be hard this year!

C'mon already.....fix the water problem! That's what I pay taxes for!

gloved hands and ecoli in dish Testing, testing, ... 1, 2, 3

bacteria in dishE-coli bacteria in water can make humans sick. This is especially true for infants, children and persons with weakened immune systems. The water may be contaminated with human or animal wastes. Microbes in the water can possibly cause diarrhea, cramps, nausea, headaches or other symptoms.


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