Friday, August 22, 2008

That Poor Baby Whale!!!

Australia Baby Humpback WhaleThanks to the AFP for this photo...

I am sitting here at my computer, in shock and disbelief that authorities had to euthanize that poor baby whale that was abandoned by it's mother off the waters of Sydney Harbor, Australia. The baby humpback whale was first spotted last Sunday and was believed to be about two to three weeks old, and was probably abandoned because it was ill, so they say.

The humpback whales make an annual round trip from the Antarctic to tropical waters to breed and are on the return leg of that trip. They can often be seen quite close to Sydney's beaches, so it doesn't seem unusual to see whales there.

But.....I don't understand that with all the modern technology we have, that we couldn't feed this baby whale some way? Maybe intravenously, or through injections? I mean, come on...... do we really not know of any way to keep it alive?

The news is also reporting that the baby whale, that was named "Colin" by all of Australia, had shark bites on it!! Geesh! They've been tracking and watching it since Sunday, and we can't protect it either?

The baby whale had been trying, unsuccessfully to suckle from boats, I guess because from underneath, they could look like it's mother?

Authorities tried to lure it out to sea, hoping that it would get back into the pack, and be adopted by a lactating female humpback whale, but the little one kept swimming back to the boats.

On Thursday, authorities including, veterinarians and marine researchers who examined the baby whale said that its condition was getting worse, it had not eaten for a week, and that euthanizing it was the most humane option.

The deputy director-general of the New South Wales Department of Environment and Climate Change, Sally Barnes, said the whale would be given a sedative to relax it and then a lethal dose of anesthetic.
She said "Everyone is very connected to this animal, and it's a very emotional decision," sort of like a family pet who had been adopted by many in Sydney over the past week.

She said that officials had sought national and international advice on how to help the lost whale but that its condition had become too poor to treat.

Some people, but mostly the Australians have accused wildlife officials of not doing enough to help the whale and not trying to feed it.

Ya Think?

And here is the sad news that I read, before I started this post.....

The whale was first given a sedative, then a lethal dose of anaesthetic, which took 10 minutes.

10 minutes!!!! I am furious, angry, upset..... I still can't believe it!

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Nardeeisms August 24, 2008 at 8:06 PM  

Yes, my husband told me about this early this morning... very sad indeed. Poor thing. - Nards

Anonymous,  August 26, 2008 at 3:33 PM  

I am sure that there had to be another way to save that whale. I am sure that there had to be at least a center where they could of taken the world into captivity for a few weeks - months.

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