Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Top 10 Cutest Pets in Costume!

Halloween or not, these are Great!

Now, I know some of you will think this is mean and cruel to dress up animals in costumes,

but, I think it's pretty funny!

And Judging by the expression on some of these pets, they do too!

Lighten up, get a sense of humor and just enjoy!

All of these images were taken from a royalty free site, Thank you to the original photographers, you did a great job!

funny dog dressed as vampire Look at this ferocious vampire! His prey below is quivering from fright!

cute dogs dressed as ghostsYou have to love a "family" that goes trick or treating together!

funny dog dressed as a sailorAhoy Matey! He's very proud of himself!

miserable lloking dog dressed as supermanSuper Dog! (Okay, so he looks miserable, but the costume is fierce!)

cutest dog dressed as a priateArrrrgggghhhhh! He uses fur, instead of the traditional patch on his eye!

group of dogs dressed in banana costumes

You have to love the "Quad" banana thing going on.......

Siamese witch catThe eyes say it all for this one....don't mess with witchey poo!

Big dog dressed as pink ballerinaOkay, okay, "HE" doesn't look happy at all....but I love it!

dog dressed in a  hoodie He RULES! I'm kinda waiting for his "buds" to show up.

pug dog in alligator costumeThis one must be hysterical to watch walk around!

And now for a final Bonus shot!

This one is quite content to pose for your enjoyment!


beautiful cat dressed in pink princess costume Thanks for looking at this cute collection of Pets in Costume~!


Dolly's Diary August 23, 2008 at 8:56 AM  

Hi Kat,
I also find it funny. I don't think any of them were hurt by getting dressed up in a costume.
Thanks for your comment on my blog.
I linked this blog on my site.
Take Care,
Janet :)

Akhmad Sofwan August 23, 2008 at 11:45 AM  

I didn't check your profile yet, but i am sure you are one an animal lover. Interesting photos.

KAT August 23, 2008 at 1:29 PM  

Yes, I love animals!

Paws Awhile September 19, 2008 at 1:23 AM  

I think the dog with the hood absolutely rocks. The pug in the crocodile suite may be a little harsh though — seems like a lot of weight for a little dog to carry around :)

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