Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blog Action Day ~ 2008 ~ Poverty

blog action day People all over the world today are getting together and participating in a great project known as : Blog Action Day.

Today bloggers from everywhere will be writing about one topic: Poverty.

We are all coming together as "one" to hopefully put an end to this terrible issue and to write as one voice about the same subject and how it affects us.

We have all been affected by poverty at some point in our lives, or let me rephrase that, most of us have. I can't speak for everyone, but I'm sure that it has touched just about everyone, in one way or another. Maybe you experienced it first hand, or maybe a neighbor down the street couldn't feed her children? Maybe you saw a homeless person on a city street? Or maybe you are one of the lucky few, who only read about poverty or heard about it on the news? Either way, we all know it exists, and nothing is done? WHY?
free rice

Here is something you can do to help, that doesn't cost can go to this website, Free Rice , and take a quiz or two, or three, and for every answer that you get correct, they will donate 20 grains of rice to the UN World Food Program, and it will help to end hunger! What a great cause! And you can go every day! Not just today, but every day! All it will take will be a little bit of your time, and some correct answers, and you can help to end world hunger. You can learn some things here, and even change the subject to try to get the highest possible correct answers. Now, isn't that a good feeling? I just took the quiz really quick, and I donated 1,000 grains of rice! It may not seem like much, but that is a feast to some! I will be going back often to answer more questions, and do my part.

I simply do not understand why there is poverty at all, when we have politicians who campaign and spend millions of dollars to win a vote....why do they have to spend that much money? Why can't they just drive around and try to get know people? What exactly costs "Millions of dollars" ? I heard somewhere that Hilary Clinton paid 12 million dollars on her campaign, and now she isn't in the running!! That is absurd to me! How can you spend that much money and know that there are starving babies out there?

Lets see......Millions of dollars to "try" to win a vote, or feed some hungry people, I know the choice I would have made! It wouldn't be hard at all! How can they spend that much money, and keep spending it now, knowing there are starving people all over the world, let alone in the country they are trying to run?

Another one that baffles me is the Movie stars...they get paid "20 Million dollars" and more to make a movie...yet they don't see the poverty in the world? How can this happen on a daily basis?

The same goes for the sports players that get paid millions of dollars! Now, out of the choices above, I do have to say that the Sports players are usually the ones who care more, who do more fundraisers, who participate in rallys, but these are usually not the "top notch" players, but the ones who haven't become as jaded as the big guys. But then again...all that money and still poverty? I don't understand?

The average joe is facing poverty around every turn.......Whether it is to scrounge from paycheck to paycheck, or pay one bill or another every month, or even to face losing our homes! The average person faces this every single day! I know, I am there. I have also been worse off than I am now. I have been unemployed and almost lost my house, not eaten for days, and wondered how on earth I was ever going to pull through? I hope to never get back into that position again!

Now, imagine the less unfortunate....the people who have no water.....

There is such an injustice in this country and others when there is poverty that is allowed! If all those "millionaires" gave some of their money to one cause to wipe out poverty, we could see it happen! But for now, those millionaires are going to hold fast to their cash, and leave it up to us to try to make a difference. And that is what we are all trying to accomplish with blog day!

Let us try to wipe out Poverty!!! Forever!!!


Hot Rocks October 15, 2008 at 1:57 PM  

I love your have said what I so often think. I was a single Mom for many many years, and my 2 girls and I lived on the very edge of poverty. Today my life is completely different. I am very lucky, and have an extremely comfortable life, a beautiful home, and more than I need. I always try to give back when I can, as you never forget the tough times, once you have experienced them.

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