Sunday, October 26, 2008

Manny Ramirez, offered $30 million a Year...WHAT~?

I just read yesterday that the LA Dodgers made an offer to Manny Ramirez of $30 million a year, for 2 years! I can't believe it!

Now, I have to say that I liked Manny when he played here in Boston for the Red Sox, or let me re-phrase that, I liked his bat and his stats, but what I didn't like were his constant antics. Such drama in baseball! And when he did everything he could to bring this team down, and "begged" to be traded, I was glad to see him go! Then he was so bad in his comments about his time here, and the fans in Boston, he said some really mean things...I just lost all respect for the man. Boston fans love the Sox, but Manny Ramírez never did, he said "The Sox are dead to me now, I moved on with my life". How ungrateful! Kinda makes you wonder why you ever rooted for the Putz in the first place?

I was at the last game he played in Boston, (although we didn't know it at the time) and took some pictures of him that I can look back on and say, that is the last time he was in a Sox uniform. I was at a game that was important, to us, to him, and evidently to Los Angeles, and I do have to admit, he made some good plays, but didn't exactly knock himself out. Maybe he knew he was going? Maybe he just didn't give a shit anymore? It doesn't matter, he's gone now, and I think the team feels as if a burden has been lifted. Only a few of the players have spoken out about him, and that is to be expected, but the "drama" is gone! Here is one of the pics that I took of Manny that night. Most of my pics from that night are blurry or far away (we didn't have close seats) so this is the best one of Manny that I have.
Anyway, back to the $30 million deal....... The Dodgers have made a stupid ass deal to try to re-sign Manny to LA by offering him $30 million a year for 2 years!! WTF?!?
Now I know he's been hitting really well since he got there, but still, that is just an unrealistic amount. Manny's agent has been saying that Manny is looking for a long term contract for at least 4 years, so that he can possibly retire after that contract expires. Supposedly the Dodgers offered this deal to Manny, knowing he is looking for a 4-6 year contract, and would turn it down, and the Dodgers could come out looking like they at least "tried" to re-sign Ramirez. The fans want him to stay in LA, and the Dodgers management look pretty good offering him 30 mil a year for 2 years, which would equal $60 million dollars for 2 years, an unheard of amount! Now, if Manny turns this down, he looks like the bad guy.
Manny will always be Manny, and my thought is....he will indeed turn it down, in hopes of getting a bigger, better deal somewhere else.
What do you think??


Dolly's Diary October 27, 2008 at 10:24 PM  

Hi Kat,
That is sick huh! Nobody is going to give him that many years at that amount. Especially with his known attitude. Go Patriots. I have an award for you on my blog, you can stop by tommorow and pick it up if you would like it.
Take Care,
Janet :)

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