Saturday, November 15, 2008

Some New Jewelry I have Made~!

Pink_Heart_NecklaceI have been working really hard for weeks now, trying to make a bunch of new items for the big craft show that I do every year the weekend after Thanksgiving. These are some of the items I have made lately....
The first necklace is a very pretty one, with pink and clear glass hearts.
I loved making this is so girly!

The second necklace here, didn't photograph all that well, but it is

a very nice necklace made up of black and gold designed hearts, that surprisingly are very lightweight! It looks gorgeous on, and against a solid background. I think the black diamond shaped spacer beads really add to the design also.

The third necklace is beautiful in person, again, it
didn't photgraph well at all! The white glass beads in this necklace are very similar to Opals, in that they have a "fire" in them that comes out when the light hits them. You can see the oranges, yellows, greens and lavenders whenever these beads are turned. They are stunning! I wish I could remember where I got them, so I could go
and get some more!!! :)
I also put glass crackled orange beads in between as spacers, so that it would bring out the fire in the whitish beads.

This next necklace is made of fire red glass beads that are lined with silRed_Glass_Beads_Necklacever. They look so nice in person. They are also heavy. This is a solid necklace, no doubt about it. I have spaced this necklace with black and red beads that compliment the big red glass beads.

This next one is one of my favorites....I have a thing about green, even though red is my favorite color! For some reason, I love green beads, and these were Green_Beads_Necklace wonderful!! They have a yellowish hue to them that is kind of irridescent, so the beads change as they shift. It looked kind of gaudy with yellow or green spacer beads, so I chose to space this necklace with some nice black beads. I think it compliments the beads nicely.

Charm_BraceletsThe last picture that I am showing is of some of the charm bracelets that I have been working on..... I have regular charm bracelets, along with Christmas charm bracelets. I try to add something new to them, so each person has their own unique charm bracelet. No two are alike.

So there you have it!! This is what has been keeping me busy lately. I really enjoy making jewelry and hope you have enjoyed looking........


I am Jamie Sue! November 19, 2008 at 9:47 PM  

Opal glass doesn't photograph well, but it is REALLY stunning in person. And it's very durable unlike opals themselves.

KAT November 20, 2008 at 1:14 PM  

@ Jamie Sue,
Is that what this white glass is? Opal glass? I said it looked like, thank you for the name. The beads are just absolutely beautiful!!!
Take care, :)

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