Thursday, April 30, 2009

Please Help me with this Wonderful Cause for Breast Cancer

BeeWell Miles program for Breast Cancer photo image picture
Has Breast Cancer touched your life? Or the lives of someone you love and care about? Or even someone you know, a friend, a co-worker?

I know it has mine, in many ways......and this great cause sponsored by BeeWell Miles is helping in the fight to raise money for Breast Cancer, and I hope you will join me in this wonderful program. What they offer is a program to help you get healthy and fit, and in doing so, you can sign up for BeeWell Miles and log the miles you either run or walk on their site. Then BumbleBee Foods will donate $0.15 per mile for every mile you log, to the Breast Cancer Network of Strength. This is taking place right now, and it started April 1st and runs through October 31st, 2009.

If you run, walk or jog anyway, why not sign up and log your miles for a good cause? I know quite a few of my friends are runners, and I urge them to register and have their miles counted!! You are running anyway, and this won't cost you anything but a little time on the computer (which you do daily). :)

My life will never be the same because of Breast Cancer, my Maternal Grandmother had it and had a double mastectomy. I myself, just yesterday, had to go for additional views on my mammogram, because the one taken at the beginning of the month came back abnormal (they said they saw something suspicious). I we runs in my family, so it is something I definitely have to watch out for. So I have been nervous all month waiting for my appointment for the additional views, and when I went yesterday, and had my left breast squished all out of proportion...the results came back good!! No masses, and they said once the tissue was spread out, it was nothing. Ha! Nothing to them maybe, but I was worried for weeks!! At least I know I am okay for another year.

That is why this program is so dear to my heart! We all could get healthier, and if you haven't started, they have a program designed to help you. It includes recipes, activities, and plans of action so you can map your route, or count your calories! There are even blogs that you can visit on the site to get information from. You can chat with other women in the program, and exchange ideas, or just offer encouragement to each other.

Also BumbleBee Foods is offering another can enter the game codes from the pink 5oz cans of Bumble Bee Solid White Albacore Tuna in Water, and possibly win one of over 15,000 prizes including free flower bouquets, $100 Lady Foot Locker® gift cards, music downloads, $20 BeeWell checks, and a $25,000 weeklong spa trip for 2! Isn't that a great idea?? Plus, Every day that you log miles or enter the game codes you are entered for a chance to win.....Every Day!!!

If you would like to help my sponsor and me in the fight against Breast Cancer, please sign up on their site and log those miles!! Or enter those codes!! We have to get the word out!! Please pass this on to as many people as you can think of that walk at lunchtime, or after work, or jog, or even those that run marathons!! Wouldn't that be awesome if we could get some marathoners to sign up and log their miles?? :)

I have supported finding a cure for Breast Cancer for years, and try every way I can to help find a cure!! I don't want myself or anyone I know or love to be affected by this disease!

Thank you for all your help!! I appreciate it!!
Till Next Time,
Take Care,



Entrecard Top Droppers for April

I want to give a big Thank you to my top Entrecard droppers for the month of April.

Dropper # of drops
The Modern Mom 31
A Rose By Name 31
A Simple Life 31
Mommy's Little Corner 31
moms..... check nyo 31
Life's sweets and spices 31
Alteredevents 30
On The Bricks 30
Youniquely Chic 30
1 Blog and 2 Sides 30

You are the BEST!! Thanks!!

Take care,


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Excellent New Ride, Manta at SeaWorld!

OMG! I just heard about the new ride they are opening next month at SeaWorld in Orlando, and I can't believe it!!

It is called the "MANTA" after the Manta ray, and it is a roller coaster ride that is upside down! Here, look at the picture I found....
Manta ride at SeaWorld Orlando photo picture image
You actually are on the underside of the manta ray flying head first and lying face down around the tracks! I still am in awe! Who thought of this awesome ride?

You begin your journey going through an aquarium section of floor to ceiling tanks that have thousands of creatures in them, and some of the fish and other creatures are rare and not seen very often. There are also 300 rays that swim all around you and even above your head, because the tanks are 360 degrees! Once you have finished checking out the awesome sea life, you will come out into the section where you can have the ride of your life!!

And I mean, the ride of your life!! Can you even imagine going at breakneck speeds and not seeing where you are going?? Not being upright?? Not sitting in a seat, but instead lying down?? OMG!! That is all I can think to say at this point!!

I want to go to SeaWorld so bad, and ride this thing!! Now, I have been on many, many roller coasters and roller coaster type rides, but I can't even imagine what this will be like??

They are even holding a contest on their site, so you can win a "Front of the Line" pass, and you only have to sign up and complete some activities, that include, following the site, tweeting it, etc. What could be more simple?

I have done all 6 activities, and had no problem. You can also read the rules and the contest requirements if you would like.

I for one, am going to be planning my next vacation to Orlando!! And I am Going to ride the Mantra!! Yay!! I can't wait! What about you?? Do you want to ride it too?? :)

Till Next Time,
Take Care,



Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Blog is Over the Top!

Liza over at Mommy's Little Corner awarded me the "Over the Top" blog award, and I couldn't be more thrilled!! Thank you so much Liza!! I absolutely LOVE it!!

Liza is a stay at home mom, who blogs and has the most scrumptious recipes on her blog!! I wish I could make what she makes!! LOL And I love her blog design!! It is so cute!

Anyway, To receive this award your blog must be exceptional in design and content; presenting us with new knowledge, a sense of style, or at times just giving us a smile!

Each recipient of the award will acknowledge the person who honored them with the award and then go to to copy/paste the award : Your Blog is Over The Top. (located on the right sidebar, scroll down)

I also have blogs that I think are over the top, and qualify for the requirements listed above, and they are: drumroll, please......

Dolly's Daily Diary
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Comedy Plus
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beetle's Memories and Ramblings
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Altered Events

Again, participation is not mandatory, just know that I thought your blog was over the top!
There are so many more blogs that I want to list, that I feel guilty leaving them out...but there is always next time..... :)
Till Then,
Take Care,


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Finally posting my Tag from Duni~

I've Been Tagged photo image picture
Finally, I am getting a chance to post the tag I received from Duni last week. She tagged me on her blog "Lovely Purses" and I can't thank her enough!!

I love tags, and I love Duni's blog too!! She makes the cutest purses and bags and loads of other accessories. Remember I wrote about receiving a package from Germany, and it contained a lovely tissue pouch? Well, that was made by my good friend Duni!! I love it!!

Anyway, on to my tag....this is kind of going to be hard, because I don't usually reveal a here goes...... :)

Things I Am Looking Forward To:

1. getting some heat
2. the yard sale next weekend
3. getting a new person at work(to replace one who left/therefore lessening the work load)
4. trying to get my truck fixed
5. a new phone that can text!
6. spending time with my grandson
7. a possible visit from Ohio
8. the New Moon movie in November! (can't wait)

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

1. worked too much
2. went to my best friends house and watched the Red Sox
3. talked on the phone
4. texted
5. had a party at work for someone leaving (wow, they are dropping like flies! lol)
6. finished a good book I was reading
7. worked on the magazine
8. won $20 on a lottery ticket (Yay!)

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

1. eat garlic (cuz it's in everything, and that limits me)
2. make a lot of money
3. have my crafts be my full time job
4. fix my truck myself
5. write a great book (I love to write now, go figure!)
6. meet a friend who lives far away
7. Find my "Edward"
8. Clean all the junk out of my house!!!!

8 Shows I Am Currently Watching:

1. Hell's Kitchen ~ Love it, and still have my crush on Gordon Ramsey!! LOL

2. Dancing with the Stars ~ Every season I think it's going to be lame, but every season I still watch, and am amazed!!

3. American Idol ~ Like above, I watch every season.

4. Amazing Race ~ I love this show, and am so glad it is on, it is a reality show, but you learn so much from it! I love to see them go all over the world and try to solve clues and complete tasks...I could never do it, but it is fun to watch!

5. Rock of Love ~ Now, I know this just ended, but I have watched all 3 seasons, and just can't get enough of this train wreck of a show!! I love the whole premise of an aging rock star trying to find love on a tv show. And he so obviously goes for the stripper types and he is such a dog...but it keeps (kept) me laughing on Sunday nights.

6. Tough Love ~ A relatively new show, and I don't think well advertised, but it is about a matchmaker who has a "boot camp" of sorts for 8 women who can't find love, and he is trying to get them to figure out what they might be doing wrong? Obviously the women are defensive, but his true aim is to show them how they sabotage themselves in relationships, hopefully so it won't keep happening, and to find them their perfect match! I like it.

7. The Ghost Whisperer ~ I have watched this show since the first episode, and I just have to say that I am glad they have brought Jim back, fully!! I couldn't believe it when they killed him off....I was soooo upset!! And all this Sam/Jim stuff was wearing pretty thin, so I am glad Jim knows he's Jim now. (Did that make sense??? lol )

8. Medium ~ Another show that I watch regularly, sometimes it goes a little weird, but for the most part, I enjoy this show. And to think it is based on a real life person is amazing to me. Someone who I'd love to meet in real life.

Most of these shows I DVR, and watch when I can, so I usually never watch them on their real night...LOL.

Ok, so there you have my answers to the tag.....I had fun doing this one!! Thanks Duni!

I am passing this tag along to the following people, but you don't have to play if you don't want to, I won't take offense!! Just know that I was thinking of you, and wanted to know 8 more things about you too!

Jenn ~ My Kids are my World

Kristin ~ My Art and the Mom in Me

Janet ~ Dolly's Daily Diary

Bing ~ Of Living, Loving...And Coping

Till Next Time,
Take Care,


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Boston and the Craigslist Killer

Have you all heard about the “supposed” Craigslist Killer??
Well, it sort of hits home for me because I am so close to Boston! Not that I offer massages, or anything like that, but I have used Craigslist in the past myself.

This kind of thing makes you do some real wondering…like, what is this world coming to ??

The suspect, Phillip Markoff, (who has not been charged yet, but I suppose it is only a matter of time with all the evidence they have) is a 23 year old Boston University Medical Student, who read the classified ads on Craigslist, searching for women he could rob. The reports say that he wanted easy targets, and him being 6 foot 3 and weighing more than 200 lbs, overpowering these women was easy for him.

The prosecutors allege that Markoff shot Julissa Brisman 3 times with one of those shots piercing her heart, and that caused her death. She was 26 years old, and evidently struggled fiercely, also having her head bashed in after a fight ensued in her hotel room at the Marriott Copley.
Craigslist killer image photo pictureThey also state that 4 days earlier, Markoff tied up Trisha Leffler at her hotel room at the Westin Copley Place at gunpoint, and stole her debit card, $800.00 and some American Express gift cards. The hotel security cameras caught a tall light haired man, and those grainy photos were released to the public.
There are also reports that he may be the the attacker in a third attack, this one in Rhode Island. The attack was on a prostitute who advertised her services on Craigslist.
And the police have reason to believe that Markoff has huge gambling debts. So maybe the motive was just supposed to be robbery, but Brissman fought back too hard, and he had no choice but to kill her?? Who knows?

But the break in the case came when a friend of the slain woman Julissa Brisman, gave e-mail messages to the police from the client/killer to Julissa right before she was killed. Now, investigators state that Markoff had opened a new e-mail account the day before Brisman’s death. The e-mails were traced to Markoff’s apartment in Quincy by police.

The Boston Police are urging any other women to come forward if they have been robbed or assaulted after advertising any erotic services like massage, on craigslist.

Now, the really sad thing in all this, is his Fiancé, Megan McAllister, defended him in an e-mail message that she sent to ABC News, and I quote: “Unfortunately, you were given wrong information, as was the public. All I have to say to you is Phillip is a beautiful person inside and out and could not hurt a fly! A police officer in Boston (or many) is trying to make big bucks by selling this false story to the TV stations. What else is new?? Philip is an intelligent man who is just trying to live his life so if you could leave us alone we would greatly appreciate it. We expect to marry in August and share a wonderful, meaningful life together.”

I kind of understand her position, and perhaps, the Phillip she saw, convinced her of all the goodness that she obviously believes in. There are many cases of people leading double lives, and it seems as though this is one of them. I myself was duped, and I consider myself a very intelligent women! But sometimes when you are in love, you believe what the person you love tells you, you trust them, you believe in them.....until something happens, and you realize how wrong you were.

My question is….just when does she stop defending, and start realizing that maybe the man she knew really could have done this??

What do you think??
Till next Time,


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Project Wonderful and the Mix-up

Okay, First of all, I have to appologise to the many people who have tried to place their 125X125 buttons on my site, whether it is on the top left or right sidebar. For some reason, my box with Project wonderful has not been working properly, and they have done nothing to fix it for me??

What I noticed, is that many of you are looking for slots on the right side bar, but not the top left, and I couldn't figure out why????

So I looked into it, and saw that when you went to click on placing your ad there, you didn't get through? I sent a ticket (help request to support) to the contacts at Project Wonderful, and they still haven't responded to me after more than a week!!

So I re-did the top left box, and hopefully it is working now??
PLEASE let me know if it isn't....
Then I will do whatever I have to do, to make sure your ad gets seen!!

Right now, the bid is a low PENNY!! Come on over and grab a slot!!

Thank you,
And please, again, accept my appology,


Friday, April 17, 2009

Are you a TruTV Junkie Like Me?

trutvGuess what I just found out?? I can follow truTV on Twitter!! Woo hoo! I get all my updates while I'm Twittering...and you can too! Just click on this link: Follow truTV on Twitter!!! , and it will take you right to the truTV Twitter page where you can sign up to follow them for updated content.

As soon as there is breaking news, they put it on Twitter!! I have to tell you


Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Grandson, The Inventor!

My grandson had an assembly or something like it at school today, where the children each had to pick a famous person (real person) that might be in a wax museum. Then they had to dress up like that famous person and stand in front of the assembly and tell everyone some well known facts about this famous person.

Well, my grandson, for whatever reason....decides he wanted to pick Benjamin Franklin!?!?!
What??? When he could have his pick of pretty much everyone....HE picks Benjamin

My daughter and I tried to talk him out of it, so he could have someone easier, and in all his 8 year old wisdom he said "I don't want someone easier, I wanted to pick Ben Franklin! Do you know that he discovered electricity and without that we wouldn't have lights and ....." We stopped him there..... lol There was no changing his mind!!

So now the task began on how to dress him like Benjamin Franklin?? All we could think of were Boys Halloween Costumes, and we got the cutest Benjamin Franklin costume for him!! His costume had a cranberry colored jacket that had an attached vest with one of those ruffle collars, (it looked soooo good) and pants that had an elastic waist and were cropped at the knees, one of the triangular colonial hats, and some shoe covers with fake gold buckles attached to go over his shoes. So we bought some white knee high socks to complete the look.

He looked SO GOOD!!!! The teacher wouldn't let us take any flash pictures in there, so I don't have any to show you, but trust me he looked so good as Ben Franklin! And he knew lots of facts about him besides the electricity one. Something about bifocals and swim fins.....??? Grammy's not up to speed on that

I know that when we are looking for Halloween Costumes, now at least I don't have to stress out anymore. You can pretty much find whatever it is you are looking for!! I never thought we would find Benjamin Franklin anything....and we got lucky!!!

Some of the other mothers had the same problems finding outfits for their kids too, and the ones with daughters probably looked for Girls Halloween Costumes, because there were lots of really nicely dressed children there!!

I guess in this day and age, parents don't try to make costumes anymore, because it is more cost effective to buy it! And they don't have the time to make a Johnny Appleseed Costume, or a Sally Ride costume??

Like I said, it was wonderful to see them all dressed up, and I was especially proud of MY Grandson.....The Inventor!

Till Next Time,
Take Care,


Getting Ready to Show my Toes...

pedicure photo image pictureAnyone who knows me know that I LOVE shoes!!!

So now, with the warmer weather coming, I am so excited to start wearing my sandals and heels again, and showing off my tootsies!!

So, I have an appointment on Saturday for a really nice pedicure, so that my toes look cute in all the latest fashions!!

I admit, I am a shoe-holic, and have more shoes than I know what to do with. And I have them in all shapes, sizes and colors!! I can't help it....I love to buy shoes!!! I think I could buy any outfit on the planet, and already have a pair of shoes (if not more than one pair) to go with that outfit, but for some ingrained in my brain reason, a new outfit means a new pair of shoes too!!! LOL

I still have to buy a pair of those gladiator looking sandals. I love the way they look on the stars who wear them, and I think they would go nice with a dress or a nice pair of jeans too! So that is on my list.....Oh, and I need some new flip flops too. Mine from last year have seen better days, so I will be getting another pair or two of those too.

Spring and Summer are my favorite times to buy shoes! There are so many new and trendy fashions that are released for the new seasons. And they all seem to call out to me..... "Buy Me...." LOL

One of the best places that I have found to buy women's designer shoes online is Jildor Shoes. They have so many selections to choose from and the prices are fantastic!

Knowing my love of shoes, I tend to shop everywhere for shoes, designer's labels and non designers, they all appeal to me. I also have to be matchy matchy with my outfits, that is important to me!! If your shoes don't match, somehow, it just doesn't look right? :)

I have a favorite pair of marc by marc jacobs flats, that I have pretty much worn out. They are so comfortable and just seem to fit right. Sometimes it is hard to get shoes that fit nicely and that you love to wear, and some of the designer shoes seem to fit that mold a lot better than the ones you find in Target!!!! LOL You pay more, but you get your money's worth out of them, that's for sure!

Anyway, I am sooo excited about my pedicure, and I can't wait to show it off!! Remember Abby showed us her painted toes at the beach not too long ago?? Well, we are only just now getting to where the weather is starting to get warm.....but I can't wait!!!

Till Next Time,
Take Care,


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wrong on So Many Levels...

Fox is planning a reality TV show based on Company Layoffs?!?!?!

company layoffs photo image picture
Now is it just me??? Or is this so very wrong???

When I read this, I was truly shocked!! They are mocking the troubled economy and hoping to have a hit show with this!! The show will be titled "Someone's Gotta Go!" and targets small companies that have 15 to 20 employees and are in financial trouble.

Each week, a struggling company is featured and dollars and cents will be discussed as well as each employees performance, and then the employees vote against each other, Survivor Tribal Council style, to help to decide who is laid off at the end of the show!!!

I am still shocked as I write this.....WTF?? I would not like my work performance discussed in front of millions of viewers who are watching for the sole pleasure of seeing me perhaps get the boot!! I can already tell there will be loads of people getting thrown under the bus for the simple reason as it might save someone's like a drowning man....he will do whatever to save himself and not think about anyone else.

Am I the only one who feels this way???
Or is this the way our entertainment has gone??

Till next time,


Monday, April 13, 2009

A Package Arrived from Germany! Wooo Hooo

I was soooo surprized when I checked my mailbox today!
There was a package in there for me from Germany!!
Now, the only p
erson I know in Germany is Duni of Lovely Purses!!
And look at what that sweetie sent to me!!!

Duni handmade tissue pouch picture photo imageI was absolutely thrilled when I opened the package and saw a beautiful handmade purse size tissue holder from Duni!

I do indeed carry tissues in my purse, but they usually end up all ratty and tatty!! How did Duni know about that....Hmmmm?
It is fantastically pink and says Paris on the front, and has an imprint of the Eiffel Tower on the back!! I LOVE IT!!!

And her note to me was so special, and Duni...I am glad too!! :)

I love looking at all the new creations as Duni posts them on her blog, but you can also view them in her DaWanda shop called Dunibagz. Isn't that the cutest name?
Dunibagz black and white photo image pictureIf you go to her shop, there are so many bags, purses, change purses and other items, and I like this one, it has 4 views to it, but I only put one up here. I love the black and white design, and it's lined in lime green!! How perfect!!

Anyway, I want to say a big THANK YOU again to my good friend Duni, and I will treasure my purse tissue pack, and will surely put it to very good use!! You are such a kind and giving person!!

Till next time,
Take care,


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Are you Looking for Web Hosting?

When I was looking for a hosting company to host our site The Angels Weekly, I did a lot of research into the different hosting companies and what they offer before finally deciding on the company that I went with.

In doing that research, I used a wonderful site that I found to help me with my web hosting choice, and that company was Web Hosting Choice. This site was very detrimental in my decision of who I would choose for hosting my site.

What they offer is a listing of many of the hosting sites out there including, GoDaddy, Yahoo, 1&1, BlueHost and so many more. They put them in a grid showing the prices each site charges and what perks they offer, such as: setup costs, disk space, data transfer, if you can get a refund, and a rating system also.

They offer a quick start guide and a FAQ section, plus they also list any know scams that are on the web at the present time. Like I said, they were very helpful to me and made it so much easier for me to select a hosting company.

If you are looking for Web hosting for your site, perhaps you want to own your own site now, instead of having blogger or wordpress control what you do, you do have options! And these options can be evaluated at Web Hosting Choice, prior to your making a big mistake on a deal you thought was too good to be true!!

I hope this helps you!! It certainly did me!!
Till next time,
Take Care,


Happy Easter and Something to Think about!

Easter Bunny photo picture image


Don't put all of your eggs in one basket
Walk softly and carry a big carrot
Everyone needs a friend who is all ear's
There's no such thing as too much candy
All work and no play can make you a basket case
A cute little tail attracts a lot of attention
Everyone is entitled to a bad hare day
Let happy thoughts multiply like rabbits
Some body parts should be floppy
Keep your paws off other people's jellybeans
Good things come in small sugar-coated packages
The grass is always greener in someone else's basket
An Easter bonnet can tame even the wildest hare
To show your true colors you have to come out of your shell

Hee Hee
I hope you enjoyed the Easter Humor!!
Till Next Time,
Take Care,


Cute Fashions for the New Mom

pregnant belly picture photo image
One of the girls in my office is about 7 months pregnant with her first baby, and she is soooo excited!! We are all like a bunch of mother hens to her, and can't wait for her baby shower that is coming up next month!!

Anyway, she had been complaining about the lack of "cute" maternity clothes and one of the other women asked her if she had ever heard about Kiki's fashions on the web? From what she told us, her daughter had ordered several things from there when she was pregnant.

Now, the reason I am telling you this story is because not only does Kiki's have the cutest maternity clothes that I have seen in a long time, but they also have GREAT Prices too!!! They have a special section called - $10.00 and under deals!! Wow!! I can't even get those deals on my regular clothes.....LOL

AND ~ They offer a discount to bloggers!!! There is a special coupon code for bloggers or friends of bloggers. How cool is that??

All you have to do is enter: "blogfriends" when you are checking out, and you will receive 20% off! We all blog, so this was great news to us, and to Karen too! But I thought you might be interested also, if you are pregnant, or know someone who is??

We all wanted to look at all the cute and trendy things they had to offer, and we were surprised at all the tops and dresses and pants that they had to offer. They also have sales regularly, and also have a special tab that is for "clearance" items, where you can pick up some wonderful deals!Kikis fashions maternity top photo image

This was one of my favorites, and it was in the clearance section! I am not pregnant, but I just love how this looks and think it would look super cute on a pregnant tummy!! This looks like something I would wear, even though I am not pregnant, so that tells you something about this line of clothing.

Their prices are way below other maternity boutiques, and we found that they were sometimes up to 75% lower!! In these tough times, economy wise, who doesn't need deals like that?? Especially when you have another little one on the way!!

When the clothing doesn't look all boxy and plain, and looks hip and modern, it is something that many women would love to wear!! Kiki's is always updating their stock too! You can always find something new there. We all loved the fact that there isn't the same ten pieces of clothing every time you go to the site, it is constantly rotating and refreshing. New fashions that keep up with the seasons!

So, we are all so glad to have found Kiki's Fashions, and like I said, if you are pregnant or know someone who is, you will definately want to check them out!!

Till Next Time,
Take Care,


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More Illusion Pictures to Look at

We had such fun with the illusion pictures last time, I thought I'd put some more up here for you to look at!!

Is this a spiral design?
optical illusion spiral picture photo image
What do you see?
optical illusion eskimo or indian picture photo image
Read the phrase below...
optical illusion word phrase picture photo image
What do you see?
optical illusion lady or musician picture photo image
What do you see?
optical illusion old man or couple kissing picture photo image

optical illusion nut picture photo image
Are the "middle" circles the same size?
optical illusion same size circle picture photo image
What do you see?
optical illusion devil ladies picture photo image
How many legs does the elephant have?
optical illusion elephant legs picture photo image
What do you see?
optical illusion donkey or seal picture photo image
What do you see?
optical illusion liar face picture photo image
Okay, so here are the possibilities.....
1. No spiral, it is made up of complete circles. Take your mouse and trace one if you don't believe me?
2. Did you see an Indian or an Eskimo?
3. Did you catch that there were 2 "the" words? Usually you don't because your brain passes right over duplicate content. Weird, huh?
4. Did you see a musician or a woman?
5. Did you see the old man, or the couple kissing?
6. Which way is the nut going?? It can be either way, and when you look at it it seems to change.
7. Yes, the middle circles are the same size. I had to measure them to make sure, but they are!! Funny how your eyes play tricks on you, huh?
8. This one is eerie...close up you see ladies gathering, but from a distance it liiks like the devil.
9. Now, I can't give you the answer to the elephant's legs, we all know it is 4, but this picture challenges that, doesn't it?
10. Did you see a seal, or a donkey's head for this one?
11. And finally....did you see a man's face with glasses...or the word liar?

I hope you had fun with these!! I did!!
Until next time,
Take care,


Monday, April 6, 2009

Entrecard is BAD!

Now I don't want to upset the masses, but I am upset right now, and I have to vent....

Entrecard Stinks
I know it's probably my own fault, so I don't need to hear "I told you so" or any of the other words of wisdom that some might want to impart.

But recently I have noticed that an ad that I "thought" I didn't approve was showing on my blog....the one with the man cooking or something, and the little girl waving her finger at know the one?? Well, it turns out that I never did approve it, and it ran anyway!!!
Sneaky Entrecard doesn't set your default to not have paid ads on your site? Hmmmmm, why not??? Because that way they can have ads run and hopefully you will be dense like me and think you must have approved it!!!!

So today, is what really got me angry...I went over to my other site, The Angels Weekly, and my ad for Candles, Crafts and Whatnot was supposed to be running, and it wasn't!! I went into the Angels Dashboard, and it shows that my ad is running, but when I go to the site, it is not!!! A paid ad is in it's place!! And when I refresh the page....another paid ad shows up....and another.....and so on!

So now I go look to see why...and I'm all kinds of mad, and I'm ready to give Entrecard a piece of my mind....but guess what??? They have it posted if you look for it, and here is what it says:

"How often do paid ads run?"
"If there are no paid ads ready to run on your blog, they won't run at all. If
there are, and there are also Entrecard ads, the paid ads will run a maximum of
50% of the time. If there are no Entrecard ads but there are paid ads, only the
paid ads will be displayed."


Anyway, the 50% thing is untrue, and I proved it by refreshing and seeing numerous paid ads and my Candles, Crafts and Whatnot card only came up once!!
Go ahead, try it....refresh and see if you don't get other ads showing up? That is as long as you didn't know (like I didn't) about turning them off?

So, while researching, I found this too: Three types of ad may run on your blog:

Entrecard ads
These are ads by other Entrecard users. They always point to a blog and
are purchased using credits.
Paid ads
These are ads by third-party advertisers on Entrecard. They may point to
a blog, or to a product or other site.
House ads
These are ads run by Entrecard, for Entrecard services only. These only
run when there are no other ads available for your blog.

Entrecard provides the options on this page because we believe your blog is your
own, and you should have control over what is shown there. However, we ask that where possible you keep any limitations as minimal as possible - Entrecard ads are the essence of the network, and paid ads help support the service and
contribute to the CashOut fund. These are vital to the continued growth and
success of Entrecard and its ability to help you and your blog grow.
(this is what they tell you....what they don't tell you is: you can turn off the advertising. On the dashboard, click on Advert Settings, then click the following: Allow paid ads only if explicitly approved by you.) AHHHH HAAAAA, so that is where I made my mistake!!! I didn't know I HAD to turn off the ads that I didn't approve!!!! Ohhhhh now it makes sense!!! NOT~~~~~~~

Also, I have to admit that I have approved some paid ads, because some of the paid ads are from my friends, whose blogs I visit. And some of the paid ads didn't look like paid ads.

BUT>>>>> What I don't like and what I am really, really peeved about, is that for the people who don't have paid ads, and have used their hard earned credits to advertise on my blogs, they are not getting the full time allotted!! And neither am I on the blogs that I have advertised on!!! How can we compete with paid ads that Entrecard puts up whenever they want?? And why should we???

I will admit, I have gained traffic from Entrecard, and I have made quite a lot of friends through Entrecard, but why should we advertise on each others blogs, when we worked hard to earn those credits, and selected where we wanted our cards to be shown....only to have Entrecard ruin it???

Oh, and by the way, we don't get anything for the paid ads running on our sites.... we don't even get credits....Entrecard gets it all. And because the person who doesn't have a paid ad, only has their card run for a short period of time, we don't get the full credit for that either!! We only get a portion for the time it was shown!!! Again, I have to say......WTF?!?!?

Here is what Entrecard has to say about that:

Am I getting credits or something for accepting these paid ads?

No. We are expecting everyone to do their best to help support Entrecard within
their own capabilities. We have decided to leave how you do that up to you, at
least initially. We hope that many of you will choose to support Entrecard and
the users by supporting this feature, and allowing us to earn money both to pay
for hosting and to fund the upcoming CashOut feature.

So, on that happy note....I hope you are more informed now....and not naive as I was, and can fix things before they get out of hand....I only wish I knew this before!!!
Till Next Time,
Take Care,

p.s. I am able to log in again...


Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Friend for Life and an Award too!

When Pinklady Bing told me she had received my Generosity award package and wrote about it, and gave me an award, I was thrilled beyond belief!!

This is the "I Heart Your Blog" Award, and it is lovely!! I have never seen this one before and I simply LOVE IT~!
Now Bing, is always so thoughtful and remembers me when she is giving out her awards, but this one was sort of in conjunction with the whole Generosity Award thing. More about that later, though....

This next award is the "Sisterhood Award" and I have to say that it's meaning when coming from Bing is so touching! We have become kindred spirits on here, and sisters in more ways than one....So this award holds a special place in my heart!

Now, when Bing told me she had written about the gratitude award and others, I didn't expect anything like what she wrote!! I have to tell you, my eyes filled up with tears and I couldn't even respond to her properly. The only thing I could think of commenting was a very lame....Thank you. It doesn't seem like enough for someone who is so thoughtful of others and who thinks of others constantly!! Please go read her post about her receiving my Generosity award package here.

I am still at a loss for words, because mere words cannot express the love and gratitude that I feel for her right now.

I am very lucky indeed to be able to call Bing my friend, and my life is so much richer because of her!

She is an inspiration to many, and especially to me......
With lots of love and gratitude.....
Till Next Time,


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hollywood Hunks, Hot or Not? Pick your Favorite!

vote image photo picture
Who doesn't want to vote for hot hunky men?? Well, except

But take this poll, and cast your vote.....

Cast your vote by clicking on the "read more" ~ below....
And don't forget to "Digg" it too!!! The more diggs we get the better!!!

This is a fun poll..I voted!

Can you guess for who??? lol

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