Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Excellent New Ride, Manta at SeaWorld!

OMG! I just heard about the new ride they are opening next month at SeaWorld in Orlando, and I can't believe it!!

It is called the "MANTA" after the Manta ray, and it is a roller coaster ride that is upside down! Here, look at the picture I found....
Manta ride at SeaWorld Orlando photo picture image
You actually are on the underside of the manta ray flying head first and lying face down around the tracks! I still am in awe! Who thought of this awesome ride?

You begin your journey going through an aquarium section of floor to ceiling tanks that have thousands of creatures in them, and some of the fish and other creatures are rare and not seen very often. There are also 300 rays that swim all around you and even above your head, because the tanks are 360 degrees! Once you have finished checking out the awesome sea life, you will come out into the section where you can have the ride of your life!!

And I mean, the ride of your life!! Can you even imagine going at breakneck speeds and not seeing where you are going?? Not being upright?? Not sitting in a seat, but instead lying down?? OMG!! That is all I can think to say at this point!!

I want to go to SeaWorld so bad, and ride this thing!! Now, I have been on many, many roller coasters and roller coaster type rides, but I can't even imagine what this will be like??

They are even holding a contest on their site, so you can win a "Front of the Line" pass, and you only have to sign up and complete some activities, that include, following the site, tweeting it, etc. What could be more simple?

I have done all 6 activities, and had no problem. You can also read the rules and the contest requirements if you would like.

I for one, am going to be planning my next vacation to Orlando!! And I am Going to ride the Mantra!! Yay!! I can't wait! What about you?? Do you want to ride it too?? :)

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