Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad~!

Today is/was my Dad's Birthday, so I am sending him a shout out to let him know how much I miss him and how much I love him!

He always played down his birthday, and didn't think it was anything special, but I always ignored him, and made a fuss over him! He was the only Dad I had, so I wasn't going to listen to him say he didn't want cake, or presents! Nope, He always got cake and presents, and you could tell that he enjoyed it...even when he said "I told you I didn't want anything...."

So, today is a sad day for me, without him here, but a happy day too, remembering all the good in him. I still have a hard time with this, and I am surprised at myself for even posting anything.

But, I did want it documented that I was wishing him a happy birthday, and letting him know how very much I cherished each and every moment we had together. Life can be cruel sometimes, and I have had to become very strong. Some days I do better than others.
Today is not one of those days.....

Love you Dad!! Miss you!!
Happy, Happy Birthday!!!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Give-a-Way Contest for My Followers!

This is a "BIG THANK YOU!" to all my loyal followers and for my new followers too!!
I am holding a contest for you, my followers, and I will select one name at the end of the contest from my followers here and on my other blog: Soy Wax Candle Blog, and that lucky person will win this gorgeous Orange Slice bracelet made by me from polymer clay!

orange bracelet polymer clay image picture photo
Now, you don't have to do anything special if you are already following my blogs, your name will automatically be entered for the contest. But if you are a new follower, just leave me a comment letting me know that you have started to follow, and your name will be entered for the contest also!!
You can have 2 chances to win, by following here and on my other blog, your name will be entered twice for the drawing!

orange bracelet 2 polymer clay image picture photo
The drawing will be on Sunday night June 7th, 2009, and I will use to select a winner from the total number of followers from both blogs. And then I will announce the winner here and on Soy Wax Candles Blog also, so make sure you come back to see who the lucky winner will be!!

This bracelet is 9" long including the clasp, but it fits on my scrawny wrist and doesn't fall off! I just love the summery look of it!! All the orange beads were made from polymer clay and there are gold spacer beads in between. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Just Follow me for a chance to Win!~~

Good luck to All my Followers!!
Take Care,


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Who Doesn't Use their Turn Signals?

car blinker photo image picture
Why is it so HARD for people to use their blinkers or turn signals?

I have almost gotten into so many accidents this past week alone from stupid people who refuse to use their turn signals before they turn!! And I do not follow close to the car in front of me or else I would definitely have rear ended them!

Geesh!! Did their cars not come equipped with this mandatory device? Or do they just think that they are above using a turn signal?

I always put on my blinker well in advance to let the cars behind me (and the idiots that follow too close) know that I will be making a turn up ahead so they can slow down (which a lot of times they don't) and give me the space to make my turn.

Now, I know I live in an area that has busy traffic, and lots of places to turn in and out of, but still, come on!!! The turn signals are put onto the car for a reason. USE THEM!!!

It makes me wonder where the police are whenever this stuff happens, because these people that fail to signal should be given tickets. It is one of the first things you learn in Driver's Ed, or Driving school, and you can't get your license without using them, so why do people stop using them once they have their license? It just infuriates me!

Take Care,
And Safe Driving,


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Music Monday - Somebody To Love

Oh my gosh! With the weekend, and work and the new haircut and all, I forgot about Music Monday!! Anyway, a day late....

Come join Music Monday and share your songs with us. One simple rule, leave ONLY the actual post link here. You can grab this code at LJL Please note these links are STRICTLY for Music Monday participants only. All others will be deleted without prejudice.

I hope you enjoyed my selection, and.... ? anybody ? LOL

Till Next Time,
Take care,


Monday, May 25, 2009

I Have a New Hairdo!

Okay, so I needed a new hairdo, and my daughter's friend is in the Blaine Academy (kind of like a beauty school) and she needed people to practice on for her grades, and she asked my daughter, and my daughter asked me. And I said yes!
hairdo after pic 2What a difference, HUH?

This is the reason why I wanted it cut....LOL

before pic
So here I am acting all goofy, talking as usual, and protesting having my picture taken, but this was taken at work last month on a Friday (dress down day, hence the Red Sox shirt and jeans) at break time, and as you can see, my "Dutch Boy" bangs have grown out considerably, LOL. And the rest of the hair just looks a mess, all long and one length and yuk.

So, I went with an open mind, and thought I need a hair cut and it will always grow out, and it can't be "THAT" bad, right???
Besides, I hated the last hair cut I had by Jose' at Walmart if you remember that post.
So when we got there, she worked on my daughter first, and cut her hair and put red (and I mean red) highlights in for her, it is what she wanted. And it looked great! My daughter was happy with it.

And then it was my turn.....she asked how I wanted it cut, and I had brought a picture (the downfall of last time, lol) and said "something like this with layers to give me lift and body. And she assured me she could do that, and that it would look great on me. Uh HUH...
So she cut a good 6 inches off, and layered the heck out of it, and re-did my bangs, and then she colored it with a light mocha brown (and said my auburn will still come thru) and gave me some blondish highlights.....sounds good right??

Well, surprize!!! It is is more than good, it is wonderful!!!
I LOVE IT~!!!!!
I want to keep it like this!!

hairdo after pic Kat
Look at those gorgeous highlights!! And I love the shape of it, and the lightness of it.
I no longer have to spend hours drying it, or waiting for it to dry!

It's like night and day!
But I am a happy girl!!

Till Next Time,
Take Care,


I'm Going to Promote My Business with Shirts!

Kat's Candles tshirt image photo picture
Summer is coming and that means I will be doing the craft shows again, and this year I have decided to get a printed t shirt made up for me to wear in the booth. Naturally it will have to have sunflowers on it!

I have always wanted a logo shirt or a logo t shirt with the name of my business "Kat's Candles" on it, and have seen other dealers with a custom logo shirt or a printed t shirt with their company name on, and thought that it looked very professional! I have sort of made one up on the left to see what it would look like, and I like it!

Also, you can tell who belongs in the booth, and with the screen printing it makes it easy for the customer to see who works there and who to ask questions of.

My daughter usually does the shows with me, so I will have to get her a screen printed t shirt also, and I'll have to order a few more, because we always have friends that help us out.

I think it is a wonderful idea to have your logo on a shirt, it helps to promote not only you, but the business as well! They have regular t shirts, tank tops, long sleeve tees and more. There is a really good selection to choose from.

I don't know why I didn't do this shirt printing sooner? I hope they have a speedy delivery service. I'll let you know how they turn out!

Till Next Time
Take Care,


Friday, May 22, 2009

Vote for Twilight for the MTV Movie Awards

Have you voted for the MTV Movie Awards yet?
If not, go to: MTV Movie Awards, and cast your votes.

Now, the reason I am telling you this, is because my Fav movie "Twilight" is nominated in 6 different categories, including "Best Movie"!!

And my favorite Vampire, Edward is nominated in quite a few of those! Yum!
Edward Cullen Vampire image photo picture
The Actor who played Edward Cullen in Twilight, Robert Pattinson, is up in the category "Breakthrough Performance-Male" and I would love to see him win this!!

Also, Kristen Stewart (Bella) is up for Best Female Performance, but she is up against some pretty tough competition!

Edward and James are up for the "Best Fight" award, and the song "Decode" by Paramour is up for best song.

And finally, "THE KISS" is up for "Best Kiss" and I seriously don't think they have any competition in this category!!

Twilight Edward and Bella Kiss photo image picture

You can watch short snippets of all the nominees in all the categories, and you can place your votes right there on the site!!

The winners will be announced on Sunday May 31st. Go Twilight!!! Yay!!!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What Jars Do I Use for my Candles?

When I make my soy wax candles, I have to have jars to put them in, and I found a great site that I purchase my jars from. If you would like to buy jars at wholesale cost like I do, then you should really check this site out.

I have used this company many times over, and I can attest to the quality of the jars they sell, and the prices. I did quite a bit of research before purchasing jars for Kat's Candles, and I have to say that The Jar Store had some of the best prices on the internet!!

My favorite jars are in the picture above and I have them in different sizes for my candles. I love the look of them, and I love the feel of them. They are not lightweight and flimsy at all, this is a good solid jar with a nice tight fitting lid. Some places sell you lids separately and don't tell you, but The Jar Store lets you know prior to ordering if the lid comes with the jar or not.

They have so many different makes of jars, that you can go crazy trying to decide which ones to choose. I had a hard time choosing, until I came upon the Interlude jars, and then, I just fell in love with them. But, I have also ordered plain apothecary jars, and mason jars too. Like I said, the prices are very good here. The more you buy, the cheaper they are too!

Oh, and the shipping was very fast, and the packaging was extraordinary! I had a rather large order that had to be shipped in 4 different boxes, and not one thing was broken! It was packaged so well that even UPS couldn't break anything! I have always been very happy with my orders from The Jar Store, so if you are looking for jars for candles, or for candies, or for favors, please take my advice and check them out first! I am sure you will be glad you did!

Till Next Time,
Take Care,


Cable is acting up...

Last night, my cable was acting up, and I hope it doesn't act up tonight when I want to see who wins American Idol??

I already missed them singing last night, because I DVR'd it, and when I went to watch it later, it wasn't there!! Along with everything else!! But it says my DVR box is 82% full??? So where the heck are all my recorded programs??? HUH???

The recorder wasn't on last night, so Dancing with the stars wasn't recording, but I got to see the end of that, and I saw Shawn Johnson win over Gilles Marini...which I didn't agree with, but oh well, that is how America voted.

But if my DVR messes up tonight I am not going to see the finale of Idol?? It just seems like it is one thing after another!! First my heater broke, completely...I have no heat and haven't had any since the beginning of March (and it's been kind of cold sometimes here in Mass) and then my answering maching broke, my cell phone stopped working, my tv sound went out for a day, and now the damn DVR!!

I think there is a big black cloud over my head, and I can't get rid of it!! Geeesh!!!
Till Next Time,
Take Care,


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Steve Needs Work Boots

Steve is always looking for shoes and boots because he can't find many in his size in the stores around here, mainly because his foot size is a 14. Yes, that's right, a 14!

We always have a hard time when he has to find any kind of shoes. Most stores only carry up to a 13, and then you still only get slim pickings if you do find some. So we usually shop online for his shoes, and try to find the best possible price that we can.

Our latest adventure had us looking for work boots, because he needs them to work in, and the pair he has now, is falling apart, and water is seeping in through the bottom sole.
wolverine work boot
So, we went online to a place called Work Boots USA, and they have all the makes and styles you could ask for, and guess what?? Yes, they even have size 14! That is good news for him. Now he can order his boots online and get the style he wants, which is a light colored Wolverine boot, and actually get it to fit.

They also offer free shipping on orders over $50.00, so that means he doesn't have to pay for shipping either! What a bargain!

Take care,


Who Will Win American Idol?

Tonight is the night! Who will win? Adam Lambert or Kris Allen?
Tonight should be be a good night as they both are going to have to sing their hearts out and prove why they should be the next American Idol. It has come down to these two, and I think it will be tough for America to decide!
As you know from my previous post on American Idol, my favorite Danny Gokey was voted off last week, so he isn't in the finale, and I really wish he was! Maybe the fans thought he was safe enough, and didn't vote for him as much, thinking he would already make it into the final round? I don't know, I just know that I will miss him not singing tonight.
So, I wonder what tricks America has up their sleeves for tonight? Will we see another twist and shocker? Or will we see America vote for the one who already has the experience of being on Broadway?
We have the nice kid in Kris Allen and the bad boy rocker in Adam. Who is America going to vote for?
Who do you think should win?

Till Next Time,
Take Care,


Monday, May 18, 2009

My Neighbor thinks I have Termites!

See, I have this old ramp that I had built for my dog Ebony. She was a Black Lab and gorgeous, but as labs are know to do, she had hip problems, mostly dysplasia and sometimes had a hard time walking.

So I had built her a ramp from the back door steps, so that she could still go out in the back yard, and wouldn't have to jump up and down the steps.

Well, Ebony has been gone for a couple of years, and the ramp has been looking rougher and rougher, by that I mean that it looks like the wood is splintering apart. When I had a good look at it this weekend, I thought I saw bugs on and in it, so, I asked my neighbor to come see what he thought, and he said he thinks I might have termites?? Yuk!!

I immediately went online in search of what I could do and found this wonderful site called Kill the Termites. They have so much information on this site it is just amazing! I found pictures of the nasty creatures:
subterranean termites image photo picture
And I even found some ideas that I am going to try after calling in the termite inspectors.
They have something called Termite Baits that they place in the ground. It is a plastic cylinder that has holes in it, with treated wood inside and it is meant to kill off the colonies of termites when the bring the treated wood back to the colony. The only thing is, it can take a long time to work, and also requires frequent inspections.

So, I think I am going to go with a liquid treatment, where they spray a liquid pesticide in the cracks in your house where termites can enter, and they spray around the base of the house, and this acts as a barrier to any termites that try to cross. They will also put some of the liquid stuff into the ground around your house, and that also kills the termites and lasts for years. Also, the liquid is faster and cheaper than the baits. The liquid will kill the termites immediately.

So, I guess tomorrow I am going to be calling an exterminator company to come and have a look at my ramp and see if those pesky termites have managed to move into the wood on my house??

Wish me luck!
Till Next Time,


Music Monday - Chantilly Lace

The topic for this Music Monday was Oldies but Goodies. And I have always loved this song, and can't help bopping along (no pun intended, lol)

Come join Music Monday and share your songs with us. One simple rule, leave ONLY the actual post link here. You can grab this code at LJL Please note these links are STRICTLY for Music Monday participants only. All others will be deleted without prejudice.

I hope you enjoyed my selection!
Take care,


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kissimmee is for ME!

Going to Kissimmee again would be the thrill of a lifetime! And they are offering free vacations too! Still up for grabs is the 6/1/09 drawing, that can include 3 weekend getaways that consist of 3 days and 2 nights, trip for two; and 2 week-long vacations for four!!

I would love to take my daughter and grandson down there with me, even though my daughter went when she was little, so much has changed! There are so many new attractions, and things to see that I know she would enjoy it. And my grandson would love it!! He has never been.

jaws attraction picture image photoI would love to take him to the Jaws Attraction, because he loves sharks and anything scary!! And he likes the Jaws movies, so he would get a kick out of the entire Jaws attraction.

space mountainOh, and Space Mountain at Disney...they would love it! A roller coaster ride in the dark that goes at an excessive speed...yeah!! Just neon lights as you twist and turn...sounds awesome doesn't it?

Also, we would have to visit Sea World and Shamu!! The aquarium is one of Marcus' favorite places to go, and he has never been to Sea World! Plus they have that new roller coaster ride opening this month!!

And I want to take them both to the MGM studios and Universal studios. All of us have never been to those, so that would be super fun!! I also want to take them to the Safari park, that would be a blast!! Marcus loves animals, and the scarier the better! I don't think I'd have the nerve to do the Zip-line thing...where you get harnessed in and zip along the above the tree tops! But my daughter and grandson would probably have no problem doing it!! They aren't afraid of heights at all!!

But we would stay in Kissimmee, as we did last time, everything is so very close, yet you aren't in the heart of downtown Orlando!! It was so comforting last time, to be able to leave the attraction or park, and go to the quiet hotel in Kissimmee and relax in the pool. So much less congested than at Disney or in Orlando. I am not sure if many people are aware of how close everything is when you stay in Kissimmee??

The Orlando airport is only 10 minutes away, as is Disney, and most other attractions are within a half an hour. That is why I love Kissimmee!!

I also want to try out the British Pub, The Fox and Hound, seeing as though we are half British!! I miss the food in England, and hopefully, this would taste just as yummy!! And there is always Denny's!! LOL Open 24 hours and serving breakfast for all 24 of kind of restaurant!

Where we stayed would not be important as long as it had a pool and a nice room. We wouldn't be spending much time there, except in the pool, so that would have to be the main attraction for choosing a hotel in the area. And they all seem to have them. There is actually a hotel that has a mini water park right there in the pool, with all the slides and everything!! We have been looking at that hotel as a very good possibility!

I wish we could leave today!! But I guess we will have to see if we win the free give-a-way vacation of a lifetime!! I want to win soooo bad!!! This would be the perfect time to go, before the summer hits and the crowds become unbearable.

Have you entered for your chance to win yet?? We all need a vacation, and a free one is the BEST type of vacation there is!!

Till next time,
Take care,



The Heart and Soul Award

Heart and Soul Award photo image picture

I received this wonderful award from my Dear friend Bing from Of Living and Loving...And Coping who received this from Flo of Soulful Scribbles and what a beautiful and very meaningful award it is!!
This is the "Heart and Soul" Award, and it was created especially by Flo. I think she did a Stellar Job!!
Here are Flo's Special rules to give out this award:

"If you receive this award, please spread the love!

- Create a post about it, and make sure to include the logo.
- Nominate three blogs that have touched or inspired you, and made an impact in your life.
- Add a link to your nominees’ blogs in your post and inform them about the award.
- Go to and leave the URLs of the 3 blogs you have nominated."

Now this is very, very difficult for me to only nominate 3 blogs that have touched or inspired me, because I am still in awe of the many sites that I visit daily. If I have to narrow it down to only 3, I will have to chose ones that haven't been awarded this yet, so here are my choices for this Fabulous award...

My Kids are My World

My Art and the Mom in Me

My Heart Voice

These blogs and the Women who write them have inspired and changed me so much!!
If you haven't visited these wonderful blogs, you are truly missing out! Thank you Ladies for all you have done, and continue to do!! You are the Best! And I am lucky to call you my Friends!! :)

Till Next Time,
Take Care,


Are you thinking of Web Hosting?

dot com image picture photo

I have been thinking of switching my blog to a hosting company so that I would get my own domain name and my own dot com. There are lots of advantages of doing this, the most notable being that you control what is on your blog, and you are not limited to what your current platform has to offer.

The only thing is, there are so many companies out there, just how do you go about choosing a web hosting company? There are so many out there, all with so many options, that it makes your head spin. I found Web Hosting Geeks and found their site very imformational for me.

They list the top 10 web hosting websites along with the prices they are currently charging, and any bonus features they offer. They have them rated with a 5 star system, and also list reviews of each site, and even give you the option of rating sites if you have experiences with them, so you can let all of us know if there is a problem with certain sites that sound too good to be true. I like this point because you get information from actual users of the sites, and not the hosting company telling you how great they are!

The Geeks also have a whole section dedicated to web hosting awards that I found very interesting. There was so much more information here to ponder than just price. They even offer a blog where they have articles that cover everything from what to look for in a hosting company to how to make the most from your site. It was a very interesting and productive read for me.

If you yourself are looking for a web hosting company, I would suggest that you check out the Web hosting geeks and do some reading before you make a quick decision. I did, and I feel so much more informed now.

I still haven't made my mind up fully, I have a lot of information to ponder before I take that giant step. But I do have the geeks bookmarked for future use.

Till Next Time,
Take Care,


How did they do that??

A friend sent this to me, and I couldn't believe it!
Once you get past the singing.... ?How do they do that???

I'm amazed and in awe....I could never do it!! LOL

Take Care,


Friday, May 15, 2009

American Idol Let Me Down

I was so upset when America sent my pick for American Idol home the other night.

I wanted Danny Gokey to win!! Now, I really don't care which one wins.

I liked Danny from the beginning...I liked his singing, I liked how he seemed to put his heart and soul into every song, and I even liked his lame attempt at dancing!! That made him all the more human to me! It's not a dancing show, so the judges shouldn't criticize him on the dancing!! I have a feeling that some of that played a part in why he was sent home.

Because seriously...I don't think Kris Allen is as good as Danny. I think Adam Lambert is good, but he has a different style, plus he has been a trained singer and has appeared on Broadway, so of course he will have experience in stage presence. But if I have to see one more close up shot of his mouth singing, with his tongue coming out as he hits the notes, honestly, I think I am going to gag!! UGHHHH!

This is the way I think it is going to go down.....
Kris will win, and fade into oblivion like Taylor Hicks did, because he just doesn't have the chops!! And Adam will definitely get a recording contract, so we will have to hear more from him. And Danny will be this years Daughtry.

At least I hope so!! I hope someone has the smarts to sign him quick and get a CD out there for us to buy!!

My next rant will be on the Hell's Kitchen finale!! What??

Till Next Time,
Take Care,


I Love Watching Hummingbirds!

hummingbird image picture photo
I can't wait for the Hummingbirds to come back, so I can watch them again from my kitchen window. They are such beautiful creatures!

My love for hummingbirds came from my Grandmother who came from England and who absolutely adored Hummingbirds! She watched them daily when they were here, and until the day she died. She refused to go into a nursing home for two very strong reasons, one was her lovely garden and the other was her Hummingbirds. She loved her garden, and when she got too old to care for it anymore, she could still see the beauty of what she had previously planted from her window.

As for the Hummingbirds, she adored them, and always had a hummingbird feeder right beside her window in the front parlor, so she could watch them as they came to feed. She loved their grace, and how they seemed to be floating and suspended in mid air, when in fact it was because their wings were beating so very fast.

HUMMINGBIRD FEEDER image picture photoShe always made sure the feeder was filled with nectar, the thing the hummingbirds loved to feed on. If there isn't a feeder available with nectar, the hummingbird will feed on the nectar of plants. They also eat spiders and insects for protein, minerals and other nutrients they need to complete their diet.

Another thing you should have (we do) nearby to attract Hummingbirds and other species of birds is a nice bird bath. Make sure you keep it clean and have fresh water at all times. Birds drink and bathe in these. Bird baths should be in a shady area and have trees or bushes nearby for protection. Once a birds feathers are wet from bathing, they can't fly right away and are easy prey, so the trees and bushes help to protect them.

Also placing bird houses around your yard will attract many kinds of birds, depending on what type of bird house you choose. You should make sure that your house has proper ventilation (they can get very hot) and drainage holes, and that they are easy to clean. We have birds that come back every year to the special houses in my backyard.
HUMMINGBIRD image picture photo
So, I already have my Hummingbird feeder from last year all clean and ready to go! I think I will purchase another one for the other big tree in my backyard. That way I will have two feeders that hummingbirds can come to and gather nectar and I can see them both from my kitchen window. They have so many different hummingbird feeders available, but I like the ones that look like wind chimes as you can see by the picture above!

I can't wait for them to return!!

Till Next Time,
Take Care,


Thursday, May 14, 2009

I am SO Addicted to Blogging!

I was over at one of SandiLynn's blogs, Nothing off Limits, and she had this posted, and I just couldn't resist...I had to try it!!

Now SandiLynn was only 65% addicted, and I thought, I want to try it...and you can see my result below....

77%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Created by OnePlusYou - Free Dating Site

I am hopeless! I don't think there is really much room left?? Geesh! And I thought for some silly reason that I might get a lower score....LOL

If you want to take the quiz to see how addicted you are....just click on the big picture of the needle sucking up the RSS feed. Oh, and you don't have to join the dating site at the end of the quiz, in little writing on the bottom right it says take me to the quiz results.

Have fun!!
Take Care,


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Here We Go Again, Flea Season!

It's started again, Flea Season! It seems like it is a never ending cycle, and so hard to combat. If you have pets, more than likely you will have fleas. We do. Well, not me specifically, but my Daughter and grandson.

Here is a picture of their pets, Grant the dog and Ralph the cat. How cute, huh?
Only as you can see, Grant is already scratching because he must have gotten bitten by a flea or many fleas!! It is so hard to take a picture of him, because he is constantly biting and scratching.
Grant and Ralph image photo picture

Every year we go through this, and every year my daughter has to get the dog and cat flea treatment to try to get rid of these pesky little things!! But it doesn't always work.

And my poor grandson is allergic to flea bites, and he gets big red raised welts that are rock hard and itch like crazy!! We constantly have to have Benadryl on hand for him, because he really suffers during flea season. But he wouldn't think of giving up his pets!! Oh no, he suffers and just keeps reminding his Mom to get the flea treatments to help.

It's also hard to see your pets have to suffer too! I don't understand why fleas have to be? What is their purpose? They just make everyone miserable. We usually have to get the cat and dog treated and then bomb the house, and this goes on all summer long. It just seems like they never go away!!

Anyway, here is Grant looking all kinds of cute, in a picture where I actually snapped him in between bites and itches!! Isn't he the cutest thing??

Grant image photo picture

The best thing you can do for your pets is to get them flea treatments as early in the season as possible, and keep up with them. Hopefully it will cut down on the flea infestation. Good luck!

Till Next Time,
Take Care,


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