Sunday, May 17, 2009

Are you thinking of Web Hosting?

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I have been thinking of switching my blog to a hosting company so that I would get my own domain name and my own dot com. There are lots of advantages of doing this, the most notable being that you control what is on your blog, and you are not limited to what your current platform has to offer.

The only thing is, there are so many companies out there, just how do you go about choosing a web hosting company? There are so many out there, all with so many options, that it makes your head spin. I found Web Hosting Geeks and found their site very imformational for me.

They list the top 10 web hosting websites along with the prices they are currently charging, and any bonus features they offer. They have them rated with a 5 star system, and also list reviews of each site, and even give you the option of rating sites if you have experiences with them, so you can let all of us know if there is a problem with certain sites that sound too good to be true. I like this point because you get information from actual users of the sites, and not the hosting company telling you how great they are!

The Geeks also have a whole section dedicated to web hosting awards that I found very interesting. There was so much more information here to ponder than just price. They even offer a blog where they have articles that cover everything from what to look for in a hosting company to how to make the most from your site. It was a very interesting and productive read for me.

If you yourself are looking for a web hosting company, I would suggest that you check out the Web hosting geeks and do some reading before you make a quick decision. I did, and I feel so much more informed now.

I still haven't made my mind up fully, I have a lot of information to ponder before I take that giant step. But I do have the geeks bookmarked for future use.

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