Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Here We Go Again, Flea Season!

It's started again, Flea Season! It seems like it is a never ending cycle, and so hard to combat. If you have pets, more than likely you will have fleas. We do. Well, not me specifically, but my Daughter and grandson.

Here is a picture of their pets, Grant the dog and Ralph the cat. How cute, huh?
Only as you can see, Grant is already scratching because he must have gotten bitten by a flea or many fleas!! It is so hard to take a picture of him, because he is constantly biting and scratching.
Grant and Ralph image photo picture

Every year we go through this, and every year my daughter has to get the dog and cat flea treatment to try to get rid of these pesky little things!! But it doesn't always work.

And my poor grandson is allergic to flea bites, and he gets big red raised welts that are rock hard and itch like crazy!! We constantly have to have Benadryl on hand for him, because he really suffers during flea season. But he wouldn't think of giving up his pets!! Oh no, he suffers and just keeps reminding his Mom to get the flea treatments to help.

It's also hard to see your pets have to suffer too! I don't understand why fleas have to be? What is their purpose? They just make everyone miserable. We usually have to get the cat and dog treated and then bomb the house, and this goes on all summer long. It just seems like they never go away!!

Anyway, here is Grant looking all kinds of cute, in a picture where I actually snapped him in between bites and itches!! Isn't he the cutest thing??

Grant image photo picture

The best thing you can do for your pets is to get them flea treatments as early in the season as possible, and keep up with them. Hopefully it will cut down on the flea infestation. Good luck!

Till Next Time,
Take Care,


Babs-beetle May 13, 2009 at 8:47 PM  

Oh He's so cute! We had a black Cocker Spaniel when we were kids. We loved her to bits ;O)

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