Friday, May 15, 2009

I Love Watching Hummingbirds!

hummingbird image picture photo
I can't wait for the Hummingbirds to come back, so I can watch them again from my kitchen window. They are such beautiful creatures!

My love for hummingbirds came from my Grandmother who came from England and who absolutely adored Hummingbirds! She watched them daily when they were here, and until the day she died. She refused to go into a nursing home for two very strong reasons, one was her lovely garden and the other was her Hummingbirds. She loved her garden, and when she got too old to care for it anymore, she could still see the beauty of what she had previously planted from her window.

As for the Hummingbirds, she adored them, and always had a hummingbird feeder right beside her window in the front parlor, so she could watch them as they came to feed. She loved their grace, and how they seemed to be floating and suspended in mid air, when in fact it was because their wings were beating so very fast.

HUMMINGBIRD FEEDER image picture photoShe always made sure the feeder was filled with nectar, the thing the hummingbirds loved to feed on. If there isn't a feeder available with nectar, the hummingbird will feed on the nectar of plants. They also eat spiders and insects for protein, minerals and other nutrients they need to complete their diet.

Another thing you should have (we do) nearby to attract Hummingbirds and other species of birds is a nice bird bath. Make sure you keep it clean and have fresh water at all times. Birds drink and bathe in these. Bird baths should be in a shady area and have trees or bushes nearby for protection. Once a birds feathers are wet from bathing, they can't fly right away and are easy prey, so the trees and bushes help to protect them.

Also placing bird houses around your yard will attract many kinds of birds, depending on what type of bird house you choose. You should make sure that your house has proper ventilation (they can get very hot) and drainage holes, and that they are easy to clean. We have birds that come back every year to the special houses in my backyard.
HUMMINGBIRD image picture photo
So, I already have my Hummingbird feeder from last year all clean and ready to go! I think I will purchase another one for the other big tree in my backyard. That way I will have two feeders that hummingbirds can come to and gather nectar and I can see them both from my kitchen window. They have so many different hummingbird feeders available, but I like the ones that look like wind chimes as you can see by the picture above!

I can't wait for them to return!!

Till Next Time,
Take Care,


Dolly's Diary May 15, 2009 at 12:51 PM  

Hi Kat,
They are amazing, and thanks for the tips to have them come to your feeder.
Take Care,
Janet :)

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