Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kissimmee is for ME!

Going to Kissimmee again would be the thrill of a lifetime! And they are offering free vacations too! Still up for grabs is the 6/1/09 drawing, that can include 3 weekend getaways that consist of 3 days and 2 nights, trip for two; and 2 week-long vacations for four!!

I would love to take my daughter and grandson down there with me, even though my daughter went when she was little, so much has changed! There are so many new attractions, and things to see that I know she would enjoy it. And my grandson would love it!! He has never been.

jaws attraction picture image photoI would love to take him to the Jaws Attraction, because he loves sharks and anything scary!! And he likes the Jaws movies, so he would get a kick out of the entire Jaws attraction.

space mountainOh, and Space Mountain at Disney...they would love it! A roller coaster ride in the dark that goes at an excessive speed...yeah!! Just neon lights as you twist and turn...sounds awesome doesn't it?

Also, we would have to visit Sea World and Shamu!! The aquarium is one of Marcus' favorite places to go, and he has never been to Sea World! Plus they have that new roller coaster ride opening this month!!

And I want to take them both to the MGM studios and Universal studios. All of us have never been to those, so that would be super fun!! I also want to take them to the Safari park, that would be a blast!! Marcus loves animals, and the scarier the better! I don't think I'd have the nerve to do the Zip-line thing...where you get harnessed in and zip along the above the tree tops! But my daughter and grandson would probably have no problem doing it!! They aren't afraid of heights at all!!

But we would stay in Kissimmee, as we did last time, everything is so very close, yet you aren't in the heart of downtown Orlando!! It was so comforting last time, to be able to leave the attraction or park, and go to the quiet hotel in Kissimmee and relax in the pool. So much less congested than at Disney or in Orlando. I am not sure if many people are aware of how close everything is when you stay in Kissimmee??

The Orlando airport is only 10 minutes away, as is Disney, and most other attractions are within a half an hour. That is why I love Kissimmee!!

I also want to try out the British Pub, The Fox and Hound, seeing as though we are half British!! I miss the food in England, and hopefully, this would taste just as yummy!! And there is always Denny's!! LOL Open 24 hours and serving breakfast for all 24 of kind of restaurant!

Where we stayed would not be important as long as it had a pool and a nice room. We wouldn't be spending much time there, except in the pool, so that would have to be the main attraction for choosing a hotel in the area. And they all seem to have them. There is actually a hotel that has a mini water park right there in the pool, with all the slides and everything!! We have been looking at that hotel as a very good possibility!

I wish we could leave today!! But I guess we will have to see if we win the free give-a-way vacation of a lifetime!! I want to win soooo bad!!! This would be the perfect time to go, before the summer hits and the crowds become unbearable.

Have you entered for your chance to win yet?? We all need a vacation, and a free one is the BEST type of vacation there is!!

Till next time,
Take care,



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