Monday, May 11, 2009

Living Large and Loving it!

It's really hard for me to find good clothes that fit me now. I know I can dress in tight form fitting clothes, but somehow I like to wear bigger things, roomier clothing, that let me breathe and feel comfortable.

I tend to find myself going to the bigger sizes because that is my comfort zone.
The styles seem to suit me, where they have room to bend and reach without fear of ripping a seam! And I love the fact that wearing plus size clothing now is not considered taboo like it used to be.

I remember my Mom having a really hard time finding nice clothing that fit her, because she was plus size and none of the stores had clothing in her size that didn't look matronly. We used to get so frustrated going shopping for clothes for her and not finding anything. She eventually had to get her clothing from a Plus Size Catalogue, which even those were few and far between. And if by chance she did find something she liked, she bought it in every color they had because she never knew when she would find something else that she liked and that fit!

Now for me, I found some absolutely delicious things that even though they are plus size they don't look overly large. I love the new colors and styles they have come out with! If I am going to get a hoodie or a summer top, I want it to have some room in it for me to move. Most hoodies today are made so tight that I feel like I am in a straight jacket and it is very uncomfortable. And the summer tops all feel like I should be 17 and have no breasts!! There is no room if you don't go plus size!

I wonder if it is just age that makes me want to be comfortable?
Till Next Time,
Take Care,


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