Thursday, June 11, 2009

Finding a Good Surgeon

My cousin who lives in Boulder, Colorado, knows that I work in health care, and is constantly calling me up to ask me questions like, "Jim just banged his head....what do I have to watch out for again?" or "Seth put a fishing hook through his finger, how do I get it out?" and loads of questions in between.

Well, last night she called me and said that she is thinking of "getting some work done" and wanted my opinion on whether she should go to Los Angeles where the stars go? I asked her what kind of work? And she said she was thinking of getting a little face lift and a peel to make her skin look fresh again.

I told her that she should just look at Colorado Plastic Surgeons and see all that they have to offer. I refer quite a few people to this site, because it is not just for Colorado, but encompasses wherever you live, and will give you information about the Doctors in your area and the types of procedures that can be done! You just enter your state or even your zip code and it will show you a list of the Doctors and surgeons in your area. You can even schedule a consultation right from your computer!

So after reading about the procedure you would like to have, and checking out the local doctors, you can make a more informed decision about any surgery you are thinking of getting!

They even have before and after pictures for comparison and an application for financing too! This is one of the better sites out there, and has always proved useful for me and my clients.

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