Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Cousin is Moving Away

My cousin is moving out of state, and she has done something that I think is amazing! She is getting help from a moving services company that sounds a lot better than what I went through when I moved.

She is using ABF U-Pack Moving and they have one of the best deals that I have ever heard of...
You let them know when you are moving, and they drop off a truck or a pod like thing, and then within 3 days, you pack it all up with your stuff the way you want it packed, and then they come and pick up the truck or pod container and drive it to your new home!! How very cool does that sound?

Nothing like what I went through, by having to hire a rental truck, pack it all and then try to drive the darn thing to my destination!! Those trucks are near impossible to drive! I don't know if they are just beat up from being driven so much and so far, or if they really are that tough to drive. Not at all like a normal truck.

Anyway, I would much rather do what Abbie is doing. I like the idea of someone else hauling my stuff to the destination. Then when they get to your destination, they deliver the truck or pod and you have 3 days to unpack and unload all your belongings before they pick up the empty container. This is so much more preferable than having hurried movers who don't care that the box they are banging had Great Grandma's good china in it. Yes, I like this idea much better!!

I was amazed when Abbie told me that she got a really good deal too, much better than the prices from moving companies. She shopped around before she found ABF and she is glad she did. We will have a packing party here to help her pack up and she has friends who will help her down there when her pod arrives. She said she will have an "unpacking" party for everyone that helps her to unpack. I wish I could be there with her.

Till next time,
Take care,


Dolly's Diary July 16, 2009 at 3:25 PM  

This is good info, my niece is about to move back from California!
Love ya,
Janet :)

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