Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cheaper Insurance for Your Van!

My Cousin Iain is absolutely ecstatic that he just saved 70% off his van insurance. He has his own business and uses his van for his work, and his insurance company just offered 70% off for all vans. He applied online to get a quote for how much he would save and he qualified for the full amount that was offered!! He is a happy man!

He also is getting tool insurance, something I didn't even know that insurance companies offered? This one does, so he can insure his tools against theft for a low price per year. I think this is a wonderful idea for anyone who owns their own business and uses expensive tools every day on the job.

He is also thinking of signing up his business with them too. It would be cheaper for him in the long run if he had all his insurance needs taken care of by the same company, and that way he could get additional discounts. I told him to check and see if they offer homeowners insurance because that might help him out too, and he said he remembers seeing it on the website, so he is going back to look it over again.

I wish I could get a deal like that from my insurance company!! I know I don't drive a van, but I do drive an SUV and maybe there is a deal on insurance for that??

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