Thursday, August 6, 2009

I Like Warm, and North Face Has it!

North Face Fleece pullover image photo picture
As you all probably know, I am cold by nature, and always need something to keep me warm, and the brand that I love best is North Face. They have a complete line of just about anything I could want to keep myself cozy and warm in the winter months, and for those chilly evenings on Cape Cod.

I don't ski and I don't participate in any winter sports because they are just too cold for me, but we get loads of snow here in Massachusetts and it gets mighty cold, so I always have my Breck gear on hand. I have found that this brand of fleece and outerwear is the warmest and most comfortable I can find. I also don't mind spending a little extra money on North Face items, because I know how durable they are. They last me for years, and I just keep adding to my collection.

I have lots of the fleece pullovers because they are the warmest of any that I have found, and I have them in most colors! They also have an awesome pair of fleece pants that are soft, and thermal (for those cold, cold days) they are quick drying and no matter how many times I wash them, they don't pill or fade!! And they retain their shape!! Most fleece pants, shrink and pill and I really don't like that at all!! These pants have an elastic waist with a drawcord and they are so lightweight, yet so warm!! I would highly recommend these pants if you are cold!!

I'm telling you, if you are looking for cold weather gear, you need to check out North Face, they make the best!!

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