Sunday, August 2, 2009

I'm Going to WWE Wrestling Tonight!

WWE logo image picture photo

Yay!! I am going to watch WWE wrestling tonight....we are going to have a blast!!

My grandson Marcus is soooo into wrestling it isn't even funny, and my daughter by default has become a wrestling addict too! They watch it every night it is on tv, and know all the wrestlers....

Me, my favorite is the Undertaker, doesn't he look so mean below on the left???
And Marcus' favorite is Shawn Michaels. He's such a "sexy boy"!
We don't think they will be wrestling tonight though....something about injuries and careers ending....or some such Shawn Michaels vs the Undertaker image photo picturenonsense....
But we have the scoop that Kane will be there, as will CM Punk, and something about some dreamboat guy that I never heard of??? LOL
There will be more too....but we just don't know who???
My daughter would love it if Matt Hardy was there....she got a kiss from him last year!! And nobody got it on going this year, because I won't be as starstruck as they all were last year!! LOL She had made a sign that said "Matt...Kiss ME!!!" And he came over and did!!! There were about 7 in her group that went up and not one got a picture!! So she has made a sign again, This time saying Matt....Kiss Me Again!!! " Let's hope it works for her!!! If so, I will get a pic....

Anyway, I am off to get ready....if you would like me to share pics, like if you would be interested, just let me know, and I can post them.....

Wish us all luck!!!
Take Care,

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