Sunday, August 2, 2009

Read Music

Have you ever wanted to Read Music, but weren't able to? You can now master the step-by-step system of Piano Sight Reading? There are many of us that cannot identify the notes on sheet music, and have trouble playing a new piano piece if someone hands you a piece of sheet music.

I know I gave up on my piano lessons when I was little because I could not master reading the notes. I regret that now, as I would have loved to be able to play the piano. But, it was too easy to give up at the time. That is why I am glad I found this easy to use Piano site reading software! I think it is worth giving it another try. I am told that by using this software and practicing I will be able to get the count down right, and identify the notes, including the treble clef and bass clef notes. This is where I had my biggest downfall. So now, even though I am older, it should be easier for me to master.

I have always wondered how piano players could just pick up any piece of music and just play it so beautifully. Now I know, they can easily read the notes and identify them prior to their fingers hitting the keys. I know it will take a lot of patience on my part, and good determination, but I have a feeling that this time I might succeed. They have a beginners course that is just right for me, and they offer a money back what do I have to lose?? I am going to try piano sight reading practice again, and hopefully, I will master it and it will sound beautiful!!!

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