Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tired of Browsing Many Sites for Sales?

If you are like me, then you get tired pretty quickly of browsing the many different sites that are on the internet, looking for the best price for an item that you want.

I have totally given up doing the back and forth search, and stick with only one search that offers me the best of all the stores on the internet! This amazing store search engine is the best thing that I have found in trying to locate items that I need without all the fuss of going here and there and trying to write down or remember who had what and at what price? Shop Wiki is the best thing ever!! They offer so many different items from clothing to appliances that you can find exactly what you are looking for, and the best price that the major retailers and smaller stores are offering them for. Who wouldn't want to use this search?

I am lucky enough to have found a new pizza cutter that is cheaper than I can get it locally. They also have some awesome knives that I might have to get with my next order. My pizza cutter is warped and old, so finding a new one was high on my list of things to get.

We are also getting a new automatic drip coffee maker for work, ours just recently died and we have been using a terrible old one that barely works. Or should I say that the others are using it... I myself am a tea drinker, so I don't use the coffee maker. But the others in the office use it continuously all day long, and we are constantly buying new ones. I think this one will hold up longer because it is more durable than the cheaper ones we usually get.

I also need a new toaster oven, not to actually cook in, but to bake my polymer clay pieces. I know, you are thinking this is strange, right? A big thing about polymer clay is that you should never use any oven that you also cook food in, because if it burns, it emits toxic fumes, so I always use a separate toaster oven for all my clay pieces. See, the clay needs to be baked at a precise temperature or else it will burn, and the thermostat on my toaster oven doesn't have a regular temperature. It fluctuates too much, and I have burned more pieces than I care to mention. So I need a better toaster oven that has a thermostat on that holds a regular temp so that my pieces of jewelry come out perfect!! I will be making a lot more and I really don't want them to burn.

I really love going here to do my shopping, it makes my life so much easier! And who doesn't want easier in their life??

Till next Time,
Take Care,


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