Saturday, September 5, 2009

New Moon Pics, Bella and Jacob

New Moon Pics Bella and Jacob up close image photo picture

Okay, so this is a picture from the New Moon Movie, and it is of Bella and Jacob getting mightly close!! I don't like it, because I root for Edward!!! LOL

But I completely understand the scene from the book, having read it more than once!! But I still don't like it. :)
And they are looking a lot chummier here than I remember in the book??

Did you happen to see the mob scene when the cast went to the Comic Con Convention to promote New Moon?? It was crazy!! They had to have tons of security to protect them and to enforce crowd control. The fans were in a frenzy trying to touch the actors and actresses and there was loads of screaming and everything. It reminded me of when the Beatles first came to America and the crowds went wild!!

So they had to have barricades set up along the sidewalk where the limos and the cars would pull up. Those are the wooden saw horse things so the crowds would stay back. And then leading into the convention center they had stanchions (pretty big word, huh? I just learned what they were called!) which are those retractable belts attached to poles to lead the lines into the convention. And did you see that the belts were imprinted with "New Moon" on them? I thought they looked really nice, and what a great advertisement for the upcoming movie!

Then leading up to the table where Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and the others were signing autographs for the lucky few, there were red velvet ropes controlling the crowd and leading them in an orderly manner to the tables.

There was still security close by to help with the unruly crowds. Were we ever like that as teenagers?? LOL Although I did see some older women screaming and pushing just like the kids......

Here is another photo from the movie, this one is of Jane (Dakota Fanning) leading Edward, Bella and Alice in to see Aro, Caias, and Marcus, The Volturi Vampires. Doesn't she look evil?? Not the sweet little Dakota we all know and love.....LOL
You can click on the picture to get a bigger view, and you can see her menacing red eyes!!

New Moon Dakota Fanning as Jane image photo picture

See Robert Pattinson behind her, and Alice (Ashley Green)? You can't really see Bella she is directly behind Dakota.

Anyway, I will leave you with these, and hope that the rest of your weekend is safe and happy!!

Till Next Time,


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