Saturday, October 31, 2009

Yay!! I think I'm good now!

Yay image
Okay, I think I am good to go now!!

I had to delete some stupid trial anti virus software that came with the new computer and it seems to have done the trick. I didn't install it, I have my own anti virus, but it seems to have installed itself in one of windows 7 updates.

So for now, it is looking good for me and I haven't frozen up in a while, so keep the fingers crossed that I am up and running and able to get back to blogging....

Gosh! I can't believe how much I missed it and all of you too!!
I truly felt lost, like I was going through withdrawal or something.

Blogging every day has become a habit for me, and to not have my computer for more than a week has been very stressful for me. I missed getting up in the morning and while having my cup of tea reading the blogs that I love.

I also stressed in the beginning about my farms on facebook, but I soon got over that, and figured that my crops had wilted and there was nothing I could do about it, but I missed talking with all my friends, and just being in the loop. I feel like I have so much catching up to do.

The blog posts that you saw posted here and at The Angels Weekly, were posts that I had scheduled, so I wasn't actually here posting anything, they went up automatically, so when I read your encouraging comments about how you thought I was back, it was sad, because I wasn't. But I will admit, it did make me smile tonight when I read them. Thank you.

I will be back on track soon......

Take care of you!!
Kat :)


Friday, October 30, 2009

New Computer, Windows 7 keeps Freezing!

Hello everyone!
I had to buy a whole new system, and the bad thing is...
It has the new operating system, Windows 7, and for the life of me, I don't know what's wrong?
It keeps freezing when I get online.
I haven't been able to do much of anything. I have looked for help, and updated my drivers as suggested (I was confused as to why I would have to do this, with a brand new computer and all?) but it still freezes after a few minutes online??
What the heck?
I am using Internet Explorer, because it also won't let me download anything, I tried to download Firefox, and it stays stuck at 99% downloaded?? I also tried to install Adobe flash, and that got stuck too, so I am running on the bare minimum.
Is everyone having this problem with Windows 7??
And how do I solve it??
I hope to get back to my regular stuff as soon as I possibly can, and I thank you all for stopping by, and keeping my hopes up.

If anyone has any help or suggestions, I'd love to hear them??
Missed you all....
Take care,


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Moon Official Trailer Video #2

This is the second official trailer for the movie New Moon.
I kind of showed them out of order, I did #1, then #3 and now this one, #2, but it's all good!!


Monday, October 26, 2009

Music Monday - Counting Crows Mr. Jones

Counting Crows image

I like to sing this song on the radio, it doesn't mean much to me, but it is wicked fun to sing!!! It also gets me moving...I find myself bopping as I'm driving. I'm sure the other drivers think I'm crazy!!! Oh Well. Here are the Counting Crows singing Mr. Jones. Enjoy!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

System Crash!!

My entire system has crashed!!

I can't get much of anything to work.
I am writing this in Firefox safe mode.
My system keeps rebooting itself, and won't let me do a system restore, or utilize any of my anti-virus programs. I must have a whopper of a virus!!

Will one of the Angels please post a comment on the site, so that readers will know that I will post the articles as soon as I can??

Sorry...until this is fixed, I'm pretty much down.....


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Funny Pic for you

funny ski sign image
I can't help it...
I have a weird sense of humor!!

See? This is the main reason that I don't ski!!

Can you imagine going skiing and seeing this sign?
It is enough to make me think that skiing isn't the sport for me.

And what exactly does it imply?

Is it supposed to be the ski lift bench? If so, they need a better graphic artist to do the rendering, or is it supposed to be one of those things you hold onto to get pulled up the mountain, and they are letting you know that if you try to sit on it, you will be very sore the next day???

Some signs just amaze me...........


Monday, October 19, 2009

Music Monday - Nickleback, Rockstar

Music Monday Nickleback Rockstar video image

This is a cool song by Nickleback, but the video is funny, because they speeded it up, and have stars and average Joe's lip syncing to the words.....I thought it was hilarious!!

See how many stars you can see??

Come join Music Monday and share your songs with us. One simple rule, leave ONLY the actual post link here. You can grab this code at LJL Please note these links are STRICTLY for Music Monday participants only. All others will be deleted without prejudice.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mia Michaels is Leaving SYTYCD

Mia Michaels Choreographer image photo pictureI just heard that Mia Michaels, the Emmy winning choreographer is leaving the hit show, So You Think You Can Dance?

I liked her on the show, and I loved the routines that she choreographed with the dancers. She wrote on Twitter that she "had five wonderful years to create moments and movement for the world to share with me."

Awww, I will miss her on the show, her input, her laugh, her intensity, and most of all her choreography. She stayed to help select the top 20 for this season, and now she will be gone.

Adam Shankman another great in the choreography world, will become a regular judge, but I am not sure if he will choreograph any of the routines?

Nigel Lithgoe said that she is welcome to return this season or next, or anytime, and praised her contributions to the show.

She won an Emmy award in 2007 for a routine that she choreographed for SYTYCD, I think I remember it being the routine with Travis and Holly and the bench, and the Sunflower?? Is that the one?

Anyway, Till next time,


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Vampyres, Teens and Tempted...

Tempted book cover image
Tempted the 6th book in the House of Night Series will be released for us all on October 27th, 2009. Have you been waiting for this one? I, for one, can't wait to see what happens to the lead character, Zoey Redbird in this book.

This series that is written by the Mother and Daughter team of P.C. and Kristin Cast, who are by the way, New York Times best selling authors, deals with teens and vampyres and all the struggles they go through in their normal lives and becoming a vampyre and the terror and fear that that entails.

To promote the 6th book in the series, below is a little promo for you to get you excited and enthralled.....

If you don't watch the video clip above, you can watch it on YouTube here.

pc and kristin cast imageHave you been a fan of this series? Are you anxiously awaiting the release of Tempted? P.C. and Kristen have been writing together for years after collaborating on their first novel in the series. P.C., the mom, was starting to write Marked, the first novel, and although she is a teacher and knows the teens very well and how they speak, she kept asking Kristin for help and advice, and then finally just asked her to co-author the book. They haven't looked back since, and they have created one of the best selling series in any book store. They have over 3 million books in print and a movie option. Can this be as big as Twilight?

The previous books in the "House of Night" series are:
  • Marked
  • Betrayed
  • Chosen
  • Untamed
  • Hunted
  • and now Tempted
You can listen to the first Chapter of "Tempted" on audio, by clicking the link here. They are kind enough to give us a preview, that just keeps us wanting more and more!! I am so glad that it is being released at the end of the month, because the wait has been excruciating!!

You can also follow the series on Facebook by clicking on House of Night Fan Page on Facebook. Here, you can follow what is going on, and read about new and interesting things, or just connect with other lovers of the book series.

Till Next Time,


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Okay, the Chiropractor Visits

chiropractor adjustment imageOkay, so this is what I look like when I am getting adjusted at the Chiropractor's Office, but wait, I am getting ahead of myself....

I thought that with everything going on with me and my health, and the fact that I still don't have a definite answer as to what is wrong with me, or if it will happen again, I was doing some research on Web MD, and found a very interesting article that said that if you have been to numerous doctors and had all the necessary tests, and you still don't have a diagnosis, that perhaps chiropractic treatments can help you...... huh?

Really?? So, I called my health insurance, to see if I was covered, and they said I was covered for 12 visits per calendar year, so I booked an appointment with a local chiropractor. Now, I haven't been to a Chiropractor since the 80's after a car accident left me with a bad back, so when he first adjusted me by pushing on my back.....I could loudly hear the vertebrae all popping into place, and it sounded like dominoes!! LOL kinda took the wind out of me, but he said that was good that they all adjusted "so nicely" and then he did my hips and neck. I am a mess people!!! I knew I would be, but this is just too funny!!

So anyway, when I went on Tuesday, I had a whole new routine.....
First I went for massage therapy, which should be nice, but isn't because I am so tight and knotted in my back, that it is sore. But the whole purpose of her massaging me, is to loosen up my back, for easier adjustment.
Next, I was told I was going for traction...... WHAT???
It wasn't anything like I thought....LOL
I was thinking being attached by the arms and legs and being stretched....seriously, that is what I thought.....
But what it was, was that I laid down on a table that has a cutout in the middle where your back is, and then they turn on a machine, and a roller type thing moves up and down your back, sometimes soft, sometimes harder, and that is also meant to loosen up your back.

Anyway, when I was done with those 2 things, the doctor took me into the adjustment room, and I laid face down on the table, as above, and he proceeded to pop my back into place again.
And my hips, and my neck.....

So I went again today, and got all massaged and tractioned and then adjusted, I am just a walking sore mess. They told me that is because they are doing a lot of work on my back, and my muscles are not used to it. Well, I believe them, because I am one sore puppy!!

Next week I go back again on Tuesday and Thursday, let's hope I am not so sore next week!!

Till next time,


Buying an Awesome New Bike

I have been searching for the perfect bike for my grandson, Marcus, and I was told to check out the great deals that they have at Makai Bikes online. So I went over to the site, and I have to tell you, I am impressed, not only with the variety of different bikes to choose from but the prices are great too!!

He is too young to get him a 10 speed bike, but this site offers 7 speed or
3 Speed Cruiser Bikes that I am sure will suit him just fine. I am looking more towards the 3 speed, because he is not going to go on a marathon trip or anything, and I think that 3 speeds will be just fine for around here. He has never had a bike with speeds before, so I imagine that 3 will be more than plenty for him. These bikes are awesome and just like what he was talking about when he was discussing getting a new bike. I like the one that is on the top left, and I think he will too, because it is real boyish with the black frame and pin striping on it.

What I did find though is that they have loads of different colored bikes to suit everyone, and they have so many different varieties and colors of women's bikes that I was really taking the time to look at the ones that they offered. We don't have bikes like this in our area, in the local stores, so this is a treat for me to be able to see all the different models of bikes that they offer. We don't live in a big city, so maybe if you lived in a big city, you would have more of a variety to choose from, but we don't, so shopping online is one of the ways I can always find things that I normally couldn't.

I will have to also remember to purchase a Combination Bike Lock for Marcus' new bike, so that he will be able to keep this one!! Someone stole his last bike right out of their yard! So that tells you what kind of neighborhood we live in. So to get a bike lock is going to be mandatory, especially for a bike that is this nice.

They have so many different accessories also, like helmets (this will also be a mandatory purchase) and mirrors, and I am thinking of getting one of the Bike Bags too, so he can put things in it that he needs. I remember when I was younger, I had a basket on the front of my bike, and I used it constantly, so I think he might like a bag, so when he goes to his friends house, he can put his wrestling guys in it to bring with him, or a drink, or whatever he might want to put in it. I just think it is a good idea to have one.

Oh, and I forgot to tell you, I am really excited about the free shipping!! Yay, I don't have to worry about paying an arm and a leg to get that bike here. There is always free shipping at Makai Bikes, and they have a secure checkout, which is really important to me. I like to know that the purchases that I make online are safe and secure.

I will let you know how he likes the bike!!
Till next time,
Take care,


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My License Ordeal

registry of motor vehicles imageToday I had to go and get my driver's license renewed, because it was going to expire, and what an ordeal that turned out to be!!

I got to the registry about 8:30 am and got my number B233, and took a seat in the already crowded license renewal area. The first number they called after I had sat down was B205...........
Boy, was I in trouble!!

I should have known that there would be a lot of people there after a holiday weekend, but I can't help it if my birthday always falls around Columbus Day??
So anyway, I had to wait, and wait, and then wait some more, and the people around me were getting mighty restless, and around 10:30, one large man said "Geeesh!! I got here at 9:45 and I still haven't been called!!" to which I replied, "I got here at 8:30 and I'm still sitting here!!!"
LOL, he immediately pulled out his phone to call someone to complain to, and tell them about how long he is going to have to wait! And the guy next to me called his neighbor to have them let the dog out at 1:00, because based on the way we were all still sitting there, he figured he wouldn't be home in time to let the dog out.

I think the main reason was, with the cutbacks and all, this is one of a few registries still open in our area, and they only had two women working the 4 person license desks. And to top it off, after every kid finished his or her learner's permit test, they were brought to the front of the line to get their permit, and every kid who passed the driver's test, the same thing!! So, there were a lot of teens getting their licenses and permits, and a lot of us grown ups just getting angrier and angrier!!

The waiting area was packed, and the lines were out the door!!!
It was insane!

Finally, after 11:00 am, they finally called my number.
Then she told me that I had an unpaid excise tax bill from this year, and had to go get that paid and cleared up before she give me my license!!

So, long story short, I had to go to an ATM, pull out money (get charged a $2 fee because it wasn't my bank) and then pay the bill, then go back to get my license. On the way back to the registry to get my license, I got a cup of tea at Dunkin Donuts, and after I left with my temporary license, as I pulled out of the registry parking lot, the tea spilled all in my lap because the lid wasn't on tight!!! SOB!!!

Now, my legs are red and sore, but not badly burned, and my pants and car seat were soaking wet, and I had to go to work!!!

Luckily we leave a pair of black pants at work in case of emergency, and this was an emergency, so I wore those for the rest of the day. I didn't get to work until after noontime, for something that should have been quick and easy. Now I lose 4 hours and my legs are burned, and I am out money I didn't expect to be out of....and the rest of the day sucked too!!!

I'll let you know about the chiropractor visit I had after work today, in tomorrow's post....

Hopefully, tomorrow is going to be better!
Wish me luck!!!


Monday, October 12, 2009

Music Monday - Heart, What About Love?

Heart sisters image photo picture

This is one of my favorite songs, and I haven't heard it in such a long time, so for Music Monday,
I give you HEART
What About Love...

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Friday, October 9, 2009


All I can say is TGIF!!!

This has been a long week for some reason?? I don't know what it was, but this week dragged on and on.....I am just very glad that Friday is here and we have the long weekend!!! YAY!!!

And I have to get my driver's license renewed on Tuesday so that I can be all legal on Wednesday, because that is when it expires!!! My birthday!!! Another Yay!!!

I hope you all have a great weekend!!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Lovely Blog Award

lovely blog award image picture photoI was very surprised to hear that my wonderful friend LaShan had given me this award! I love it!
I am a regular over at her blog A Lil Enchanted, and I love her Music Monday's because she loves Stevie Nicks too, and I love to see what she selects each Monday. I have not posted a Stevie myself, because LaShan does it so much better!! LOL
She knows all there is to know about Stevie Nicks, and I think we both secretly (well maybe not so secretly) want her wardrobe!!

If you have never been to A Lil Enchanted, please hurry over there and see all that she has to offer you, information that you never knew you needed and some really great posts, that often make me laugh, and I love to laugh!!

Thank you so much for this award, I will treasure it!!

Now, The rules of the "One Lovely Blog Award" are:
Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

Hmmmmmmm, so not my old favorites, huh??
Okay, here goes.....

  1. Wanda's Wings I just want to hug her tight!!!
  2. Cornyman's Money Blog Great info here, always!
  3. Hugz Before you Go The cutest banner EVER!
  4. Sader's Pet Pix (I just love Sadie!)
  5. Grampy and You I love this blog now! Grampy, I hope you come over here and see this, your alignment on your blog is screwy, and I can't leave a comment. :(
  6. The Queen Speaks A great blog, funny and informative...
  7. Nothing Like it I wish I was half as creative, wow!
  8. Cake Wrecks So funny it always makes me laugh out loud!
  9. A Woman Remembers This really is a lovely blog
  10. Unimaginable Dreams Made Manifest A very uplifting blog!! Love it!
  11. Dickster's Random Thoughts a new blog that I am enjoying...
  12. The Screaming Me-Me This blog is so funny, I always laugh...
  13. Conversations with Moms I am glad to have found this blog!
  14. Ann's Snap Edit and Scrap I love this blog!! She is fantastic!
  15. At Your Service A great blog with product recalls, and puzzles!! yay!
Okay, so there are my newly found and loved blogs.....
Now, I don't know you well enough to know if you participate in blog awards, so if you don't that is okay, I won't be offended, just know that I wanted your blog to have the Lovely Blog Award, because I think it's great!!!

And if you do.....Wooo Hooo, Congrats!! Take it......

Thank you again LaShan, and to all my blogging buddies who make this so enjoyable every single day!!


My Cousin and Her Addiction to TV

My Cousin Alice is moving again, and she is thinking of going down South to live near some of her relatives. But the thing that makes this whole moving thing so funny, is that she called my Aunt Rosie to find out if they had Direct TV in Florida? Alice is so addicted to her TV shows, that she is planning on moving, but with the key factor being that wherever she is moving has to have Direct TV!

I find this highly amusing, and she doesn't think it is funny, but who moves somewhere based on if she can watch her shows? I have received some good advice from my readers here, and I have passed that on to Alice, in the hopes that she does her research, and checks with to see if they have directv service in the area she is planning on moving to. My Aunt assures her that everyone down there has it, she says it is better than cable, and the reception is so much nicer. Also, that there are more channels offered than what they got with the local cable company, so it was a no brainer that they went with direct tv.

So, Alice is packing up, and heading down to Florida with the knowledge that she will still get all her shows, and will be able to record them while she out looking for a job. I think sometimes, she is too obsessed with her programs, but then again, who am I to judge?

Till Next Time,
Take Care,


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Got my Flu Shot...

I got my flu shot today at work.

My arm is a little sore, but nothing too bad.

Did you get yours yet??
How many people get them, versus how many people don't?

I have to get one, because I work in Healthcare, so it is mandatory where I work.

Let hope this is good for a healthy winter and I won't get sick, sick, sick!!


Monday, October 5, 2009

Music Monday - Apologize

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Loan for My Heater

bundled up for winter imageI live in the NorthEast and it has been getting pretty cold up here lately. As you may have remembered from some of my other posts, I have no heat. On March 3rd, my heater decided to die on me, leaving me with no heat. And if you remember it was cold right up until May.

Needless to say, I will need to get heat for the winter, and I have been looking into places that are a usa fast cash lender, because I am in the United States, and I need cash. It really stinks that I can't have it fixed and go on a payment plan of some sort, but most of the heating companies, don't do that. They want the money up front and now! Well, because I had no idea the whole entire heating system was going to shut down, I was not prepared to have it replaced.

I, like most people, live paycheck to paycheck, and don't have an extra $5,000 laying around to replace a heating system. Thank goodness there are companies out there that are willing to help someone like me, in my situation.

Now, I just have to complete the application and wait to see if I am approved. I sure hope I can get approved, or else I will be sleeping in my coat again, burrowed under 10 blankets like I was earlier this year.

Wish me luck!


Entrecard Top Droppers for September

I want to say thank you to all of you who dropped on me, even when I couldn' are all the best!!!!

Dropper # of drops
Learning Corner 31
Business & Life Success 31
A Rose By Name 29
My gypsygoods 29
Pure Natural Diva 29
A Simple Life 29
Computer Aid 29
Mommy's Little Corner 28
Life's sweets and spices 28
moms..... check nyo 28

Thanks again,
Till next time,


Thursday, October 1, 2009

I want my DTV

Direc TV Logo image photo pictureThere is something so wrong about my cable company charging me the prices that they do!!
It used to be the only game in town, but now I have the option to go with DirectTV and get a much better deal!

I can have better sound and picture quality, while still having the capability of my DVR, which I don't think I could live without! I didn't know that Direct TV offers a DVR with their bundles?
What direct tv offers me, is much much more than what I get with my lousy cable company.
Just look at the chart below and see what I mean!

DTV comparrison chart image
There is so much more here that what I get now, that I would be foolish not to go with direct satellite tv, because they can fulfil all my needs at a much better price.
Right now they are offering special web deals too, such as packages that start at $29.99!! What cable company offers that today??

I even did the free online quote and saw the huge difference in the price I am paying now verses the price I would be paying with direct tv satellite. There is a major difference in price and programming!!

I love my movies, and they offer a package that includes the major movie channels free, and I would also get the NFL Sunday ticket too!! All this for over $30 less than what I pay now for cable!! I could watch my movies and football too. Or I could record the movies on my new HD DVR and watch them later.

Does anyone have Direct TV, that could let me know how much you love it?


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