Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Cousin and Her Addiction to TV

My Cousin Alice is moving again, and she is thinking of going down South to live near some of her relatives. But the thing that makes this whole moving thing so funny, is that she called my Aunt Rosie to find out if they had Direct TV in Florida? Alice is so addicted to her TV shows, that she is planning on moving, but with the key factor being that wherever she is moving has to have Direct TV!

I find this highly amusing, and she doesn't think it is funny, but who moves somewhere based on if she can watch her shows? I have received some good advice from my readers here, and I have passed that on to Alice, in the hopes that she does her research, and checks with to see if they have directv service in the area she is planning on moving to. My Aunt assures her that everyone down there has it, she says it is better than cable, and the reception is so much nicer. Also, that there are more channels offered than what they got with the local cable company, so it was a no brainer that they went with direct tv.

So, Alice is packing up, and heading down to Florida with the knowledge that she will still get all her shows, and will be able to record them while she out looking for a job. I think sometimes, she is too obsessed with her programs, but then again, who am I to judge?

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