Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Moon and this Weekend

Okay, so I saw the movie, and I liked it.....but didn't love it... ?

I will admit, I loved the special effects in this one, but I didn't like the make-up in this one, it made all the vampires really, really white, especially Edward!!
My Edward didn't look like he did in the first movie, and something about all the Cullen's eyes was weird too?? They just looked so fake in this one?? And the Leader of the Volturi, Aro....geesh!! His white make-up was awful!! You could see where it was wearing off, and the white had stayed in the creases of his face!!!

I know, it's probably a technicality...but it put me off.

I had been missing Edward since this time last year, and I have to tell you.... Jacob looked way hotter than Edward in this one!! I have been on Team Edward since the beginning.....but..... I may be switching sides......LOL

Don't get me wrong....the movie was good....just not as good as I would have liked?? I will say that they stuck to the book really well in this one, and I did like that. Plus, they added the visions of Edward in, so he was in the movie more than the book.

We got some bad news on Friday before the movie, so maybe that affected my frame of mind? We had a really hard weekend here, and that is why I haven't posted this sooner. I hope things will be okay tomorrow.

Till next time,


Dean Sanderson November 23, 2009 at 5:47 PM  

from the point of view of someone who really enjoyed the books, i thought New Moon (the movie adaptation) was entertaining, true to the story too

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