Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Memories of a Clock

Grandfather Clock image I can specifically remember when I was a little girl, many Christmas mornings waking up early, and being told I had to go back to bed and wait for awhile....
Until the clock chimed 7am is what I was told.
And I remember laying in bed and waiting anxiously for the clock to chime those seven bongs...and then I could get up and open presents.

See, my parents had this beautiful Grandfather clock, and it would chime on the quarter hour with a beautiful melody, that completed more of the tune as the hour went on. Now this clock was not just a clock, it was one of the howard miller clocks that has become a staple name in the clock business. My mother absolutely adored her clock, as it was a present from my father to her. She had dreamed of owning one since she was a little girl, and my father made that wish come true for her. It was very much like the Grandfather clock pictured above.

And the reason that I had to wait until 7am, I later found out was...
My parents had usually been up most of the night assembling something or wrapping gifts, till late in the morning, and just wanted to catch a little bit more sleep. It was hard at the time, but being a mother now myself, I fully understand the waiting thing. Only I didn't have a clock like my Mom's to fall back on, I just had to get up and watch my daughter with one eye open and try not to doze off.

I remember with my Mom's clock, wanting to pull on those chains to wind it, like my mother did, but I really never got to, my Mom said I might break it. But it looked so enticing, the way she carefully pulled the chain down at night. She took very good care of that clock, and even though she is gone now, the clock remains in her house and my daughter and grandson are enjoying it. I don't think he has ever been told that he had to wait until the clock chimed for something though?

I read a great post about clocks and how if you love them you should display them where everyone can see them. You can read that article here. I agree with the writer of this article, because it made me think of my Mother and her clock, and how she really did love that clock. I don't think that in the current times, people appreciate the beauty of clocks, and what they can mean. The usual option is just to get a practical and cheap clock that will tell time.

I think people don't realize the memories they are missing.....

Like that of a little girl, waiting for the clock to chime on Christmas Morning...

Take care,



Ann December 23, 2009 at 6:36 PM  

I can remember many Christmas mornings getting up before the crack of dawn because my kids could not wait one more second. I wish I would have had your moms clock :)

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