Monday, October 18, 2010

Great Friends and My Class Reunion

Don't we look great after 34 years?
This is a pic of most of the peeople that showed up for our first class reunion,
it was only a small group...but a fun group.
Seeing as though it was our first one, I think we had a pretty good turn out!
We tried to keep it simple, and relaxed, and I think that was the best way.
No fancy dresses or hall to rent....
No DJ to take our money to spin tunes,
No bartender costing money to pour drinks....
We just had a blast in the backyard of our Class President.
And what I really enjoyed, is that I connected not only with old friends...
but I made new ones too!! People I knew in school, but didn't hang around with,
now I have a connection with them that I never had before.
For that, I will be forever greatful!!!
We are going to try to keep this up every year, and maybe even do some get-togethers in between the actual "yearly" reunions, so it will be fun!! It seems like now that we have
connected....we are not eager to let it go......
We can't seem to wait for a whole year.....
I'll keep you posted on when and if we get together again!!
Take Care,


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